Tuesday, June 22, 2010

week 1.

Now that my rib is completely healed, I'm jumping back on the training bandwagon (was i ever on it?) My next 5k will be in September, allowing myself plenty of time to get back on it and hopefully run the ENTIRE race. Although, even though I walked parts of my last race, I have to say, I'm quite proud of myself. When I started this resolution I was only expecting myself to run 1 race and call it quits. Not only has my endurance increased, but my body is changing and I can't complain. Now down 15lbs (with no severe change in diet), I have more energy throughout the day AND i can fit into my old jeans from college :) I want to keep going and eventually get to a 10k. When? who knows. but if I stick to a training guide, I think i'll be okay.

I'll be following a 9 week training schedule, running 3x week. I want to mix in some cross-training, along with light weights. My chiropractor says I have to start building the muscles in my back so I don't have another rib-popping situtaion. And dear God, I don't want that. I start today with:

week one: warmup for 5 minutes, followed by 1 minute of jogging and then 1.5 minutes of walking - alternating for 20 minutes.

I got this in the bag.


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