Monday, August 30, 2010

oh my god, we're back again.

so, it's been quite a while since I last blogged. apologies are in order. to be perfectly honest, this summer has been so busy with work, and finding enough time to work out and then blog about it was just nearly impossible. i'm embarrased to say it, but i haven't steadily worked out since my 5k race. and that was back in June. there have been days during the week where i've gone to the gym, but i haven't incorporated my weekly workout schedule since then. and here is a short list of why:

- work
-vacation trip to the carolina's
- planning my best friend's bridal shower and bachelorette party
- more work
- weekend getaways to AC, Philly, Richmond, and Jersey
- a little bit more work
- and...laziness.

These sure aren't excuses, but i've just been a busy bee this summer. Although, even without working out, i've managed to keep (somewhat) active in other ways. i do take the stairs at work (i sit on the 13th floor), i manage to get in a few lunges here and there in my room while watching Top Chef (ironic), i walk 1 mile to the pool, and i work out my arms/back in physical therapy (that's a whole other story). During this time, I've also been cooking, A LOT, with my boyfriend, Tyler. before dating tyler I was not one to cook. the occasional pasta or chicken dish, sure. but tyler has introduced me to some mean dishes that are so easy and cost-friendly. tyler is an amazing cook. and i'm not just saying that because he's my amazing boyfriend. i'm serious. that kid can cook. he's hasd several restaurant jobs under his belt and lived with a chef in college who taught him a lot of improvise cooking. and now tyler is taking his knowledge and teaching me. the two of us love to cook together. what's better than after a stressful day at work to come home, unwind with a glass of wine, and cook together in the kitchen. nothing is better. since cooking together, i think we've been more conscious of what we put into our mouths (that's what she said? sorry i had to add that in) and i've managed to lose another 10lbs! i still have a lot of toning to do, so i really do plan on getting back in the gym on a regular schedule to start building muscle back up. my next goal is to run another 5k this winter. tyler even said he'd do it with me. yay!

anywho, while i've taken on this new cooking hobby of mine, i've been able to capture some of these dishes we've made together. so i decided to post and document our love for cooking together. I figure it goes hand-in-hand with what my blog originally started out as. I wanted to capture my workouts and my "journey" to running 3.1 miles. i figure, not only is my journey about working out and in the end actually completing the race, but it's also about the healthy choices i make on this road (and some of the fun things i get to do while on it!).

so, please...enjoy!


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