Wednesday, September 15, 2010

3 point 1.

i'm proud to announce that i just signed up for my second 5k race (woot woot!). the Vienna Turkey Trot is Sunday, November 14th. that's exactly 60 days from now. training starts today. i will loosely follow the beginner running schedule. i found this online and i followed this program for my last 5k as best i could considering my rib/shoulder situation. my goal this year is to run the ENTIRE race, which i don't think will be a problem because i managed to get my boyfriend to sign up with me! my biggest challenge the last time was that i had no one else running with me. i was bored - it was lonely. it's not like i wanted to chit-chat the entire time, but it would have been nice to have a fellow runner to run beside with or chase after? but anywho, i have much confidence that i will be able to run the entire race this time, especially if i train properly. though i only have 8.5 weeks to train, the guide is a 9-week program. so there may be some adjusting.

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Brittany Nicole said...

Ooooh yay good luck friend!! That's great Tyler is going to do it with you too! It's always so much nicer to have a workout buddy. I'll be cheering for you! (from here..but still cheering!)


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