Thursday, September 9, 2010

buy a hat. change a life.

i found this unique organization online called, Krochet Kids International . through extensive research, the program chooses some of the most vulnerable residents living in extreme poverty in the Northern region of Uganda and provides a reliable salary and empowers participants toward a future independent entrepreneurship. those least able to sustain themselves and their families are chosen for their program. there are currently ten women who are employed by KKI and are trained in the skill of crochet. KKI provides them with the materials to make quality crocheted products for a good salary. each hat carry with it the signature of the woman who handmade it. proceeds from hate sales are infused back into the communities from which they came in order to promote further development and aid in Northern Uganda. so go buy a hat today. i am. make a difference. buy a hat. change a life.

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