Wednesday, September 1, 2010

smile. it's hump day!

who said shopping bags had to be boring?

one of the few reasons i love D.C. one of the many murals scattered around the city. here is a 1981 painting of Marilyn Monroe on the corner of Calvert and Connecticut. cities need more of this.

have you ever been dumped? have you ever been filled with so much self-doubt and hatred over some boy that you start resenting others? we all have in some way or another. why do we let these silly little boys tear us down?

i discovered this totally feminist site called, "Pink Kisses". there mission? to help women through heartbreak with all sorts of fabulous pick-me-ups and inspire women to take control of their own fate. they'll surprise you with chocolates, flowers, texts, and even exclusive virtual gifts. they even have their own life coach to help you start new goals. all you have to do is sign-up online and choose your "attitude". whether it be classy, sassy, feisty, or 'i want it all', Pink Kisses will personlize each gift basket.

although it may seem a little desperate, and pricey, i think it's a great idea. because we all know chocolate and flowers can do wonders when we're feeling down.



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