Thursday, September 2, 2010


yesterday marked my first day back in running. and boy am i sore. i never realized what 2 months of on and off again running/cardio can do to you. i am so out of shape. it's pretty sad.

now that tyler can run again (torn ACL last May-boo!), i have a running partner and it's so much better than doing it alone. i have someone i can either pace myself with or chase. in this case, it's the latter. there's a 2 mile route by tyler's house i used to take back in may when i was training for the 5k. i like it. it's on a semi-busy street so i feel like i HAVE to run when cars or people go by. i don't want strangers thinking i can't run.

before heading out into the 98 degree humidity, tyler and i both agreed that we would run 1 mile and walk the rest. easy as pie...not quite. about .5 miles in i felt a sharp pain in my right side. on top of that, i was gasping for air. nevertheless, we completed the mile. i was so exhausted and sweating like a fat kid. but on the walk back we decided to run the last .5 mile. i thought to myself, it's only .5 miles! let's go!

when we got home i thought to myself that i don't want to be like this anymore. i'm 24.5 years old. i should be able to run 1 mile! i used to run track for goodness sake. i have to stop having such high expectations of how far i can run right off the bat and just slowly get into it. it's not something i can just do for long periods of time, given the situation with my back (ugh!). so i'm going to try really hard and stay on track with running as often as i can. especially if i want to run another 5k this winter. i'm even going to talk to my physical therapist next week and see if she can teach me more runner friendly exercises i can do at home.

on a more delicious note...after our run, tyler and i decided to fuel up with a delicious japanese dinner. we've made this dish a bagillion times (yes, 1 bagillion times) and it always satisfies me. there is an amazing international market down the street from tyler's and sells crazy food for wicked cheap prices. he buys the asian noodles there for like $2 bucks and they last forever. ::sigh:: the benefits of having a boyfriend who has lived in china for 1 year. here are some snapshots of our dinner:

asian noodles w/chicken and broccoli slaw.

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Brittany Nicole said...

Congrats on finishing the run friend! I'm sure it will get easier over time! Good luck! PS - those noodles look like a bowl of worms!


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