Thursday, October 28, 2010

taco night.

one of my favorite dinners as a child was taco night. the ultimate spread of chopped tomatoes, shredded lettuce, cheeses, sour cream, salsa, and delicious beef was such an experience in itself! i loved the process of making the perfect taco. beef first, sprinkle the cheese second (always melted a bit from the heat of the beef), lay down some lettuce, plop some sour cream and then top it off with salsa. it was fun! and i'm not embarrased to say that at 25 years old (eek, 25!), i still find the same excitement and fun in taco night.

my version of taco night this week was the same, but slightly altered. instead of using hard shells, we opted for small flour tortillas (only 100 calories/tortilla), and rather than ground beef we used ground turkey, fat free sour cream, and light cheese. i'd have to say that everything tasted the same, except the sour cream. i think next time i'll splurge and go with regular sour cream. sometimes, you just gotta (same thing goes for ranch dressing. never get fat free. always get regular).

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

caribbean cuisine.

boyfriend and i were in the mood this past sunday to create an exciting new dish. it had felt like ages since we cooked something fresh and decided to work with fish. the last time we cooked grouper, we thoroughly enjoyed it. so we decided to go with it again. but this time we opted for a homemade mango salsa topping. we bought 2 mangos and diced them up (they could have been more ripe, but nonetheless, they were still delicious), and added chopped peppers, lime juice, onion, and cilantro. we let that sit for about 45 minutes while we worked on the side dishes. tyler wanted to make a coconut rice pilaf, which i never had but it sounded perfect with the type of dish we were going for. we added light coconut milk, peppers, and garlic to the rice and let that cook for 20 minutes on the stove. then for our veggies (should always add some green to your dish :D), we steamed green beans and added a touch of lemon. there was no need to season the grouper as the salsa was enough flavor. this dish was amazing and by far my favorite one. not only was the dish so colorful and so light, but it was very filling, and had so many different components that all complimented each other. i can't wait to make it again!

Monday, October 25, 2010

difficult run.

my new favorite hobby is hiking. there are so many wonderful and gorgeous trails around the great falls area and this is the perfect time to go. the leaves are changing colors and the weather is perfect. so on sunday tyler and i decided to emerge from the house and hike difficult run. and oh boy was it "difficult". more than 50% of the trail follows the potomac river, with scenic views of mini waterfalls, cascading rocks, and the occasional kayaker! at certain points we decided to venture away from the trail and climb down to the water which always started out as a good idea. but then the climb up was exhaustingggg. along the way we ran into very cute doggies and a bunch of mountain climbers. it was neat to see them set-up their gear and start to climb the rocks. definitely sparked some interest in taking a few classes :) well 2.5 hours and 5 miles later we made it back to the car. i had NO idea the trail was that long and at times i really thought i couldn't finish - but i'm glad i did. there are a few more trails around the area that we'd like to try before the weather doesn't allow us to. i wish i took pics from difficult run, especially with all the beautiful views of the trees changing colors, but i found these pics from their website just to give you a slight idea of the scenary.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

yummy chops.

steamed asparagus, garlic mashed potatoes, and brown sugar glazed pork chops.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

ferraris from a vending machine?

so i was doing some daily web browsing last month and came across an article that really lured me in. the hudson hotel debuts the coolest vending machine ever: semi-automatic. so get this. there is a vending machine out there that carries gold handcuffs, ouija boards, and...ferraris. yup, ferraris.

the hudson hotel, located at 356 West 58th street in NYC, unveiled their vending machine that offers a luxe-list of offerings (ranging from $4 to $10,000) that sure don't include diet cokes and doritos. the machine offeres "glammed-up" travel necessities, like paul smith toothbrushes and kits by Malin+Goetz. Not only that, but you can expect to find rosary beads and 24k gold handcuffs. but what really chapped my ass was the option to rent a red ferrari 599 GTB. so if you ever wake up one morning and are really craving a chance to roam the streets of nyc in a snazzy, $250,0000 car, then take a stroll right down the hallway. but seriously, if you're willing to spend that kind of cash on renting a ferrari from a vending machine, you should be able to afford a swanky nyc apartment and stop staying in hotels.

Monday, October 18, 2010

caps and light the night.

the last week has been pretty relaxing. after a stressful few months at work, i've been able to work from home and keep a normal work schedule which has been refreshing. last wednesday tyler and i went to the caps vs. islanders game and had unbelievable seats. we were 5 rows up from the rink and even saw pat sajak from wheel of fortune! i think i was more interested in pat sajak than i was in the game at first! i love going to caps game. the energy is always over the top and the games are always close and exciting. boyfriend and i went to our first caps game last April and they lost so we were really hoping for a win against the islander's. the game was close, but in the last 2 minutes we pulled out a big "W". ch'yea. here's a pic from our seats. ballin!

on saturday my mom and i particpated in the "Light the Night" walk which is a national fundraiser raising funds for the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and bring help and hope to people battling blood cancers. the 2 mile walk took place at sundown and everyone was given an illuminated balloon that represented survivors, supporters and those remembered. i joined the Deloitte team which raised over $26,000 alone for the event. they closed down pennsylvania and constitution ave in downtown DC, and thousands of us marched towards the capitol as we lit up the sky. it was such a positive experience and i'm so happy i was able to be a part of the event.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

west coast.

yesterday's run wasn't too brutal. boyfriend and i ran 1.5 miles outside and walked another .5 miles. the weather was great when we started, but towards the end it turned extremely humid and made it difficult to breathe. but tyler pushed me and i got through it and i'm glad i did. it felt really good to run outside. tonight on the other hand was a little different. i only ran 1 mile and had too much pain in my shoulders. when will this back and forth end? i'm tired of feeling great one day and then the next feel like my body can't even handle a 10 minute run? hopefully if i stay consistent from here on out it will benefit me in the end. tomorrow is my day off, as i'm going to the caps game! we have sick seats and i always have a fun time at the rink. the energy is always high and the game is always intense.

you're probably wondering why this post is titled, 'west coast'. well this week i've been looking up flights to san francisco! tyler will be there for work until december 9th and i'm going to meet him out there for another 3 nights. san fran is tyler's favorite place ever and all my friends who have been out there tell me how much i would love it. i'm very much looking forward to this trip. tyler has family and a few friends out there and one of my childhood friends lives in oakland and the plan is to meet up with her one night. i'm excited to try all the local cuisine, hike the intense hills (which i hear aren't much different than those at wvu!), and seeing the golden gate bridge. you know, touristy things. san fran here we come!

Monday, October 11, 2010


i can't believe i am in week 5 of training and i'm ashamed to say i'm behind 1 week. last week i only managed to run 1 day because work was super swamped. i was at the office until 11 o'clock at night and too busy to make it to the gym or run outside. now i am extra motivated to kick it up a notch this week and mix in week 4 and week 5 of workouts. i'm meeting tyler tonight and we are going to go running outside. the last few days have been so nice outside, it barely feels like fall. fall is my favorite time of year. i love being able to walk outside in jeans and a hoodie and a pair of flip flops. i'm a little worried about the weather for the 5k. it's going to be mid-November and that means cold! my lungs can't take cold and as the weeks progress i am going to start running outside more and more so my body can get used to the air.

i haven't posted any pics lately of recent homemade dishes. here are a few from the last few weeks. my fav? grilled cheese and tomato soup! a classic. the last picture is indian curry with chicken, vegetables, and garlic naan bread.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

my best friend's wedding.

congratulations to the new mr. and mrs. seese! this weekend i traveled to huntington valley, pa to be part of my dear friend, kim's, wedding. it was truly a perfect weekend. tyler and i arrived friday afternoon, and while tyler checked in to the hotel, i joined kim at the spa to get mani's and pedi's. afterwards, erin and taylor met us back at kim's house where we got dressed and headed to the country club for the rehearsal dinner which was the location of the wedding on saturday. after dinner all the girls went back to kim's for a sleepover and exchanged gifts. kim got us all beautiful pearl earrings, a double pearl dropped necklace, jcrew flip flops and silver clutches. we gave kim a jcrew beach bag filled with goodies for her honeymoon. we woke up on saturday to a gorgeous day. not a cloud in the sky. we all went to the salon to get our make-up and hair done, and a few hours later, kim and sean were married in a beautiful ceremony outside, surrounded by friends and family. the remainder of the night was spent dancing, eating, and lots and lots of drinking. a perfect weekend. here is a picture of taylor, erin, kristen and i in the bridal suite before the ceremony:


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