Wednesday, October 20, 2010

ferraris from a vending machine?

so i was doing some daily web browsing last month and came across an article that really lured me in. the hudson hotel debuts the coolest vending machine ever: semi-automatic. so get this. there is a vending machine out there that carries gold handcuffs, ouija boards, and...ferraris. yup, ferraris.

the hudson hotel, located at 356 West 58th street in NYC, unveiled their vending machine that offers a luxe-list of offerings (ranging from $4 to $10,000) that sure don't include diet cokes and doritos. the machine offeres "glammed-up" travel necessities, like paul smith toothbrushes and kits by Malin+Goetz. Not only that, but you can expect to find rosary beads and 24k gold handcuffs. but what really chapped my ass was the option to rent a red ferrari 599 GTB. so if you ever wake up one morning and are really craving a chance to roam the streets of nyc in a snazzy, $250,0000 car, then take a stroll right down the hallway. but seriously, if you're willing to spend that kind of cash on renting a ferrari from a vending machine, you should be able to afford a swanky nyc apartment and stop staying in hotels.


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