Tuesday, October 12, 2010

west coast.

yesterday's run wasn't too brutal. boyfriend and i ran 1.5 miles outside and walked another .5 miles. the weather was great when we started, but towards the end it turned extremely humid and made it difficult to breathe. but tyler pushed me and i got through it and i'm glad i did. it felt really good to run outside. tonight on the other hand was a little different. i only ran 1 mile and had too much pain in my shoulders. when will this back and forth end? i'm tired of feeling great one day and then the next feel like my body can't even handle a 10 minute run? hopefully if i stay consistent from here on out it will benefit me in the end. tomorrow is my day off, as i'm going to the caps game! we have sick seats and i always have a fun time at the rink. the energy is always high and the game is always intense.

you're probably wondering why this post is titled, 'west coast'. well this week i've been looking up flights to san francisco! tyler will be there for work until december 9th and i'm going to meet him out there for another 3 nights. san fran is tyler's favorite place ever and all my friends who have been out there tell me how much i would love it. i'm very much looking forward to this trip. tyler has family and a few friends out there and one of my childhood friends lives in oakland and the plan is to meet up with her one night. i'm excited to try all the local cuisine, hike the intense hills (which i hear aren't much different than those at wvu!), and seeing the golden gate bridge. you know, touristy things. san fran here we come!


Brittany Nicole said...

Sorry about your up and downs friend.. I know how you feel. I feel like every other week I have something wrong with me. Signs we're getting old? hmmmph :/

That's so exciting your planning your trip to San Fran! Ugh sad to think how far away you would be though :( but I guess the positive is that we'll have the coasts covered with friends to visit (Cali, Florida, DC...etc). Miss you and keep up the good running!

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