Wednesday, November 24, 2010

tryptophan weekend.

i leave for ocean city, maryland in 2 hours to spend the long thanksgiving weekend with the boyfriends family. there will be lots of eating (obvi), lots of drinking, lots of football, lots of laughing, and did i mention lots and lots of drinking? it's sure to be a blast!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

movin' on up.

as of last sunday, the boyfriend and i are officially living together! we'll be in reston for the next 8 days, living out of boxes, but we can't be any happier. we are very much looking forward to december 1st so we can move to courthouse and into our new apartment!

Monday, November 22, 2010

birthday bean.

my beautiful little niece turned 1 on saturday!

Happy Birthday, Lina Bean!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

lovely locks.

what's your best feature? i believe that mine, without a doubt, is my hair. it's thick, ultra shiny, and completely healthy (wow, i am extremely cocky today). there was only one time in my life where i cut my hair above my shoulders, way above my shoulders. all the way above my chin (AH!) i guess 5th grade will do that to you. but i've always had long hair and i wouldn't want it any other way. until now.

at least once a week i get compliments from complete strangers on my hair. it's rather flattering. i've always taken good care of my hair, never sticking to the same shampoo or conditioner for too long and i always splurge on legit products from salons so they won't damage my hair. now don't get me wrong, there was a solid 8 years of dying, highlighting, and over-excessive straightening (duh, it was the millennium!), but in the last 15 months, i haven't dyed it and i only blow dry and/or straighten it on the weekends or for very special occasions. and i've noticed a pretty significant change. before my hair was very frizzy and wavy if i left it 'au naturale'. nowadays, it is still a bit wavy, but goodbye frizz!

i got to thinking a few weeks ago that i shouldn't be the only one to enjoy this luscious mane-of-mine. someone else, someone who deserves it more than i do, should have my hair. locks of love provides donated hair to help disadvantaged children suffering from medical hair loss. i can't think of a better organization to participate in. 10 inches of hair, tip to tip, is the minimum length needed for a hair piece. i measured my hair the other day, and if i were to cut it tomorrow it would be above my chin (flashback to 5th grade - eeek!). so i'm going to wait until Jan/Feb for my hair to grow a few more inches and give a child a wonderful gift! i can't wait!

i'm aiming for the end result to look similar to her's (p.s. don't you just love anne hathaway!):

Thursday, November 18, 2010

you say fajita. i say fajita.

grilled red onions and red peppers

black beans w/cumin, garlic and salt

chicken fajita w/onions, peppers, melted 4 cheese, black beans, & medium salsa.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

3 point 1 part 2.

this past sunday tyler and i ran the vienna turkey trot 5k! this was my 2nd 5k ever and tyler's 1st. i ran my first race back in june (which we all know from here, was pretty dreadful).

this race was a bit different. as you all know, we spent the last 2-2.5 months "training". but the last 3 weeks leading up to the race were super busy and we just couldn't find time to follow our training regime. because of this, i became extremely nervous the night before and thought to myself that i wouldn't be able to run the entire thing again. so saturday afternoon we went for a 30 minute jog and we felt really good. the weather was just right and we paced ourselves the entire time. even though we didn't run the full 3.1 miles, we felt confident and knew we'd be able to push ourselves the next day.

on race day we arrived 30 minutes early to find a decent parking spot and picked up our packets. it was FREEZING. and i was miserable. i definitely didn't think my lungs would be able to hold up. but once i looked around at the other runners (some wearing tank tops and shorts! crazy people), i sucked it up. the turkey trot raised money for the local fire department and high school marching band. along the trail they had kids playing their instruments and local residents cheering us on. definitely better spectators than the last 5k! tyler and i started off to a great pace. there were so many people that we didn't want to race in front and lose steam towards the end. tyler even ran alongside me the entire time (aww) even though i told him he could speed up. he was so helpful and encouraged me even when i wanted to quit with only .5 miles to go (it was cold! and i had a minor cramp). but all in all, my body felt really strong and i'm glad i had a running buddy there to support me. i came in at 34:12, knocking 2.5 minutes from my last race. although i would have liked a faster time, i'm happy i ran the entire thing and look forward to the next race in april: UKROP'S MONUMENT AVENUE 10K!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

the rally.

i attended the DC rally on Oct. 3oth to help and watch over 300,000 people restore sanity and/or fear...and it was pretty epic. we walked over 5 miles (woohoo, exercise!) just to avoid using the metro because of all the mass herds. i've never experienced anything like it before (aside from the hippie music festivals i've been to over the years). people were comparing the crowd to when Obama was inaugurated. i can't even explain the experience in writing. i'll let a few of my pics do the talkin.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

i like it rare.

i know it's been a a while since my last post, but A LOT has been going on which i will go into more detail in later posts. but to give you a sneak-peak, here you go....1) attended the DC Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear 2) met up with good friends in MD 3) preparing for my 5k this sunday and finally the most important...4) apartment hunting with tyler! yes, we have made the decision to move in with eachother, and although it's a few months earlier than anticpated, we both can't be more excited. it's a lot of work, though! and we're trying to consolidate our things so they comfortably fit in to our tiny, but spacious (?) 1 bedroom apartment! the apartment is located in courthouse, 2 blocks from the metro which makes it extremely convenient for me to get to work. my work is 1 metro stop away and in the warmer months, i can walk. tyler, on the other hand, isn't so lucky. but we both agreed that location in that area was most important. i think i'm most excited to decorate and buy a big girl sofa than anything else. we're not rushing into furnishing the entire place just yet because we would rather focus on getting items one at a time to be more cost-effective. as a result of this new and exciting news, i have a feeling that this little blog of mine will slowly develop into updates on the apartment!

now shifting a bit to the health side of things, i have been noticing a huge difference in the way my clothes fit these last few weeks (which has shocked me because i haven't been keeping up with my fitness as much as i've wanted to). Since Oct 2nd (my best friend's wedding), i've lost another 3.5 lbs! i think it surprised me the most because i haven't been eating anything differently, but i have been trying to incorporate excercise in different fashions (ex: hiking, walking, etc). i think my body has been reacting to the different movements and muscle reactions, which pleases me. so as the weather get's cooler, i would like to see what else is out there that is winter-friendly so i can incorprate into my weekly routine (yoga, spin classes, etc). any recommendations?

here is a dinner tyler and i cooked last week. i'm not gonna lie, it's not very filling, but it is sooooo clean and sooooo delicious. this is definitely more of a lunch-friendly dish than dinner dish.

sesame crusted seared rare tuna salad with steamed vegetables in a soy lime vinaigrette

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

you're a scampi.

my halloween this year was spent meeting dear friends in MD for lunch, trick-or-treating with my niece, and then plopping in front of the tv with a big bowl of shrimp scampi (one of my all-time favorite dishes). boyfriend used a recipe he found online, and although the angel hair was slightly bland, the shrimp captured enough flavor to make it good.


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