Wednesday, November 17, 2010

3 point 1 part 2.

this past sunday tyler and i ran the vienna turkey trot 5k! this was my 2nd 5k ever and tyler's 1st. i ran my first race back in june (which we all know from here, was pretty dreadful).

this race was a bit different. as you all know, we spent the last 2-2.5 months "training". but the last 3 weeks leading up to the race were super busy and we just couldn't find time to follow our training regime. because of this, i became extremely nervous the night before and thought to myself that i wouldn't be able to run the entire thing again. so saturday afternoon we went for a 30 minute jog and we felt really good. the weather was just right and we paced ourselves the entire time. even though we didn't run the full 3.1 miles, we felt confident and knew we'd be able to push ourselves the next day.

on race day we arrived 30 minutes early to find a decent parking spot and picked up our packets. it was FREEZING. and i was miserable. i definitely didn't think my lungs would be able to hold up. but once i looked around at the other runners (some wearing tank tops and shorts! crazy people), i sucked it up. the turkey trot raised money for the local fire department and high school marching band. along the trail they had kids playing their instruments and local residents cheering us on. definitely better spectators than the last 5k! tyler and i started off to a great pace. there were so many people that we didn't want to race in front and lose steam towards the end. tyler even ran alongside me the entire time (aww) even though i told him he could speed up. he was so helpful and encouraged me even when i wanted to quit with only .5 miles to go (it was cold! and i had a minor cramp). but all in all, my body felt really strong and i'm glad i had a running buddy there to support me. i came in at 34:12, knocking 2.5 minutes from my last race. although i would have liked a faster time, i'm happy i ran the entire thing and look forward to the next race in april: UKROP'S MONUMENT AVENUE 10K!


Megan said...

YAY Erica! Great job! You're doing the Ukrop's 10k? Maybe I should sign up for it. I plan to be spending some time in Richmond after the bar. What are the dates?

Erica said...

yay! it's sat april 2nd. Tyler has some friends down there so we'll prob go friday and stay with them OR get a hotel. You should totally visit that weekend :) :) :)


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