Wednesday, November 10, 2010

i like it rare.

i know it's been a a while since my last post, but A LOT has been going on which i will go into more detail in later posts. but to give you a sneak-peak, here you go....1) attended the DC Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear 2) met up with good friends in MD 3) preparing for my 5k this sunday and finally the most important...4) apartment hunting with tyler! yes, we have made the decision to move in with eachother, and although it's a few months earlier than anticpated, we both can't be more excited. it's a lot of work, though! and we're trying to consolidate our things so they comfortably fit in to our tiny, but spacious (?) 1 bedroom apartment! the apartment is located in courthouse, 2 blocks from the metro which makes it extremely convenient for me to get to work. my work is 1 metro stop away and in the warmer months, i can walk. tyler, on the other hand, isn't so lucky. but we both agreed that location in that area was most important. i think i'm most excited to decorate and buy a big girl sofa than anything else. we're not rushing into furnishing the entire place just yet because we would rather focus on getting items one at a time to be more cost-effective. as a result of this new and exciting news, i have a feeling that this little blog of mine will slowly develop into updates on the apartment!

now shifting a bit to the health side of things, i have been noticing a huge difference in the way my clothes fit these last few weeks (which has shocked me because i haven't been keeping up with my fitness as much as i've wanted to). Since Oct 2nd (my best friend's wedding), i've lost another 3.5 lbs! i think it surprised me the most because i haven't been eating anything differently, but i have been trying to incorporate excercise in different fashions (ex: hiking, walking, etc). i think my body has been reacting to the different movements and muscle reactions, which pleases me. so as the weather get's cooler, i would like to see what else is out there that is winter-friendly so i can incorprate into my weekly routine (yoga, spin classes, etc). any recommendations?

here is a dinner tyler and i cooked last week. i'm not gonna lie, it's not very filling, but it is sooooo clean and sooooo delicious. this is definitely more of a lunch-friendly dish than dinner dish.

sesame crusted seared rare tuna salad with steamed vegetables in a soy lime vinaigrette


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