Thursday, December 30, 2010

a resolution. or eight.

as 2011 approaches i find myself trying to come up with a clever new years resolution but can't seem to pick just one! last year around this time i decided my resolution would be to train for a 5k, as documented here, and actually completed not just one, but two! so i want to make 2011 a year with not just one, or two, but several resolutions that i hope to complete. here's my list so far.

  1. run a 10k.
  2. strengthen my back (yoga, weight training, etc).
  3. read all my books before buying new ones.
  4. volunteer.
  5. save $$$!
  6. let the small things slide.
  7. take a tap dance class.
  8. make lovely memories in our new apt.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

morning chow.

boyfriend decided to make a delicious christmas eve breakfast in order to get us pumped and ready for the day's activities. i was stoked (obvi) because breakfast is my favorite meal and you can never go wrong with eggs and potatoes. boyfriend's usual breakfast masterpiece is fried eggs, potatoes and peppers mixed up in a bowl. this time, he opted for a poached egg and it was amaze-balls and a bit healthier. which was a plus, considering a few hours later we stuffed our faces with a christmas eve feast.

(poached egg, cubed roasted potatoes & orange peppers)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

jamaican me hungry.

(roasted potatoes, steamed garlic spinach, & grilled chicken with jamaican citrus sauce)

Monday, December 27, 2010


i hope everyone had a joyous and delicious christmas. i was able to spend my long weekend with my family and boyfriend's family. it was wonderful to be able to eat (a lot), drink (a lot), and be merry. boyfriend spent christmas eve with us this year where we devoured several courses full of yummy fishes (lobster, scallops, shrimp cocktail). at night we went to his family's house and played an intense game of charades (the girl's team won!) and shnuggled on the couch. it was a great way to end christmas eve. we woke up the next morning to light flurries touching the ground. i love it when it snows and for it to snow ON christmas morning was an extra bonus. after unwrapping gifts we started cooking. one of our family traditions every christmas morning is to start off the day with a hefty dish of antipasto consisting of delicious meats, cheeses, and vegetables. this is by far my favorite course (other than dessert!). what's your favorite dish at christmas time?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

jiggly jello.

i went to the gym last night with boyfriend. over the last 2 weeks he's been trying to get me to go and try out the new gym in our apartment. but i always seem to make excuses - "i have to unpack!"; "i'm cleaning"; "my back hurts"; yada yada yada. well, last night i decided that it had been way too long since my last work out (thanksgiving to be exact - i know, pathetic), and i needed a little jump start. the hardest part about working out is actually getting the motivation to go do it. why is that? our gym in the new place is super tiny (theme of the complex?), so all 3 tredmills and the 1 elliptical were in use. which meant only 1 machine was left...the dreadfull bike. i hate the bike. i find it to be boring, awkward, and ineffective. it never feels like i get a good workout when i'm on that thing. plus, it hurts my tush. but anywho, i had to work with what was available. after 30 minutes on the bike and 6 miles later my legs felt like jello. i was so exhausted! who would have thought! it felt good to be back and feeling my body adjust and use some muscles it hasn't used in a few weeks. i definitely see this as a challenge to keep up in the upcoming weeks. i just feel like there is so much to do and so little time to do it that how am i going to find time to go to the gym? my goal is to still run a 10k some time in the new year so hopefully once i get back in to a set routine i will be on my way.

here's a great post-workout meal that we made a few days ago (note the new plates. yay!).

(mixed green salad with yellow peppers, grilled salmon and white rice with a lime soy sauce)

Monday, December 20, 2010


while packing for the move the boyfriend and i realized we didn't have any shmancy furniture accessories. granted we moved my bed, my flimsy ikea dresser, my flat screen tv, his bubble tv (hehe), 2 tv stands and his bookcase. but, that's it. no barstools. no coffee table. no shelving units or cute little accent pieces. nada. so we both knew big purchases would be inevitable but didn't want to burn holes in our wallets. we agreed that in order to furnish our tiny little apartment comfortablly a few of the items would either be fixer-uper pieces we were originally going to toss during the move or (new?) second-hand purchases. so for our first fixer-uper project we decided to keep 2 unfinished bedside tables from ikea that tyler had. these tables were collecting dust in his room (literally, mountains of dust) so we were just going to donate them and buy new ones for our bedroom. but in order to be thrify and save some hard earned cash, we decided to sand and stain them to match the color of our dresser and bookcase. well neither of us had ever stained furniture before so we both went in not knowing what to expect. after a trip to michael's the staining venture began. it took about 20 minutes to sand each table and was quite the workout. after sanding we wiped the tables down and applied the stainer. three hours later the tables were dried. we were going to apply a second coat but decided that one coat would be just fine. so finally, we applied the clear coat wood finish and i gots to say. the final product is pretty darn good and matches my flimsy ikea dresser perfectly.



our next purchase is going to be a wine bar to put in the corner next to our couch. we are such wine-aholics that this seems like a logical (and necessary) next step. i'm thinking of getting something similar to this below. i love how simple yet sophistacted this antique tray looks.

Friday, December 17, 2010

baby, its cold outside.

the day after thanksgiving marks the beginning of christmas - sparkling lights, ridiculous retail sales (no, i am not one of those crazies that wake up at 3am), the smell of pine and cinnamon, and the anticipation of the first snowfall. speaking of...dc had its first snowfall yesterday and although it was only about 1.5 inches, mayhem ensued. first of all, people in northern va can’t drive. at all. and I’m not just saying that because i’m a jersey girl, but seriously. it's ridiculous. the moment a flurry touches the ground it’s as if the world is ending - schools are canceled, people are leaving work early and stocking up on canned goods. don't get me wrong, i l.o.v.e snow and sometimes i still find myself wanting to wear my pj's inside out the night before a suspected storm. but people around here need to relax. sheesh.

anywho. this year, the day after thanksgiving meant i could start planning and blabbing about decorating our apartment in all its festive d├ęcor. i'm sure boyfriend loved that. i happened to buy a 3ft tree last year at costco (obsessed with that place) in hopes of one day setting it up and well, it’s just the perfect little size for our perfect little apartment! we'll be decorating it this weekend :)

(our tiny little tree from the kitchen)

(hand-knitted stockings from mrs. holley!)

(christmas runner and mirror snowflakes..oh, and our super, ultra-comfy couch!)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

guten tag.

we made this dish about a month ago. when winter rolls around we can't help but crave the hearty eastern european dish of kielbasa and sauerkraut. it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. when i traveled to germany last year i ate my face off with sauerkraut. yum! talking about it is making me hungry. if it wasn't 11pm right now i would totally make this.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

we need forks.

we tested out our brand new appliances last sunday and cooked our 1st homemade meal. boyfriend tried out a new recipe for potatoes but they didn't turn out like we hoped. they should have been more oval and not as flakey. but they were still oh so yummy. i mean, how can you go wrong with potatoes, garlic and butter?

(our shmancy new stove)

(italian-seasoned salmon, potatoes, asparagus)

ok, so please ignore the dinnerware. since then we have invested in plates and bowls but have yet to make the plunge for utensils. we have a 200 assorted box sitting on our fridge. boyfriend thinks it's time to invest. i think it's time to buy hangings and cool decorative items. see where my priorities are? plus, the plastic ware decreases dishwashing labor which makes me happy. which should make boyfriend happy. happy girlfriend, happy night :)

welp, i must leave you for the next couple of days. i leave bright and early for san fran! can't wait to meet the tanner household, eat some rice a roni, ride a trolly, and enjoy the 65 degree weather while you all freeze your bums off! tootles!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

keepin it classy.

recap of our 1st night in the new place:

(this doesn't even begin to describe it...)

(boyfriend nearly collapsed at the sight of all my coats. and i'm still missing 2 from this pic.)

(boyfriend eyeing our 1st dinner. keepin it classy)

(poppin' bottles!)

(next morning i woke up to these beauties. gotta love him.)

Thursday, December 2, 2010


the boyfriend and i spent 13 hours - yes, you read correctly - 13 hours moving our belongings in to the new pad! the boyfriend says i need to get rid of a lot of things. he says they should be clothes. i say he should get rid of his comic books. and so it begins...

anywho, there was definitely sweat and a few tears during the 13 hour process. let's review:

  • watching the boyfriend drive away in the uhaul (filled with all my precious belongings)with the back door wide open and not picking up his phone. you would have cried too.
  • the furniture delivery men telling me our beautiful and ultra-comfortable couch - aka the most expensive purchase i've ever made - cannot fit in the elevator or stairwell ( i believe the panic in my face made them re-think that statement which resulted in them finding a way to stuff it in the elevator!)
  • getting a $300 damage bill from uhaul. again, watching the boyfriend pull into a parking deck, a parking deck that had a really low cemented ceiling, and crush the overhang of the uhaul. (i love him dearly, but will never let him drive a uhaul ever again. we later laughed about it. but more so because now we're both extremely poor and might be eating rice and only rice for the next 5 weeks.)
  • waking up to a monsoon/tornado-warning/500mph wind morning. perfect for moving.

sweat aka the happier parts of my day

  • first, getting our beautiful, ultra-comfortable couch to fit in the elevator
  • then, searching high and low for the new "E" and "T" Christmas stockings i purchased at target. those obviouslly had to be the first things displayed in the new pad :)
  • thirdly, walking across the street to whole foods to pick up the essentials: laundry detergent, cereal (something grainy for him; honey nut cheerios for her), skim milk and champagne.
  • afterwards, walking another block to papa john's to place an order for a 1 large pie with sausage, green peppers and 1/2 mushrooms.
  • then realizing on our walk back that i actually get to walk places and not have to drive!
  • a few minutes later, sitting on our floor creating a make-shift coffee table with empty boxes (no way was there going to be eating on our beautiful, ultra-comfortable couch) eating pizza on paper plates and drinking a bottle of champagne to celebrate a day of hard work and our 1st night together.
  • and finally, realizing that every day i'll get to wake up next to the most amazing guy ever.

pictures of the new pad will be up soon. we first have to get internet.


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