Friday, December 17, 2010

baby, its cold outside.

the day after thanksgiving marks the beginning of christmas - sparkling lights, ridiculous retail sales (no, i am not one of those crazies that wake up at 3am), the smell of pine and cinnamon, and the anticipation of the first snowfall. speaking of...dc had its first snowfall yesterday and although it was only about 1.5 inches, mayhem ensued. first of all, people in northern va can’t drive. at all. and I’m not just saying that because i’m a jersey girl, but seriously. it's ridiculous. the moment a flurry touches the ground it’s as if the world is ending - schools are canceled, people are leaving work early and stocking up on canned goods. don't get me wrong, i l.o.v.e snow and sometimes i still find myself wanting to wear my pj's inside out the night before a suspected storm. but people around here need to relax. sheesh.

anywho. this year, the day after thanksgiving meant i could start planning and blabbing about decorating our apartment in all its festive d├ęcor. i'm sure boyfriend loved that. i happened to buy a 3ft tree last year at costco (obsessed with that place) in hopes of one day setting it up and well, it’s just the perfect little size for our perfect little apartment! we'll be decorating it this weekend :)

(our tiny little tree from the kitchen)

(hand-knitted stockings from mrs. holley!)

(christmas runner and mirror snowflakes..oh, and our super, ultra-comfy couch!)


Anonymous said...

Hi friend! Your apartment is soo cute!! I spy wine by the couch & Guiliana on tv? haha. What's the wv blanket covering? The little tree is adorbs, I can't wait to come visit!

Brittany Nicole said...

I LOVE the stockings! How freakin cute!


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