Thursday, December 2, 2010


the boyfriend and i spent 13 hours - yes, you read correctly - 13 hours moving our belongings in to the new pad! the boyfriend says i need to get rid of a lot of things. he says they should be clothes. i say he should get rid of his comic books. and so it begins...

anywho, there was definitely sweat and a few tears during the 13 hour process. let's review:

  • watching the boyfriend drive away in the uhaul (filled with all my precious belongings)with the back door wide open and not picking up his phone. you would have cried too.
  • the furniture delivery men telling me our beautiful and ultra-comfortable couch - aka the most expensive purchase i've ever made - cannot fit in the elevator or stairwell ( i believe the panic in my face made them re-think that statement which resulted in them finding a way to stuff it in the elevator!)
  • getting a $300 damage bill from uhaul. again, watching the boyfriend pull into a parking deck, a parking deck that had a really low cemented ceiling, and crush the overhang of the uhaul. (i love him dearly, but will never let him drive a uhaul ever again. we later laughed about it. but more so because now we're both extremely poor and might be eating rice and only rice for the next 5 weeks.)
  • waking up to a monsoon/tornado-warning/500mph wind morning. perfect for moving.

sweat aka the happier parts of my day

  • first, getting our beautiful, ultra-comfortable couch to fit in the elevator
  • then, searching high and low for the new "E" and "T" Christmas stockings i purchased at target. those obviouslly had to be the first things displayed in the new pad :)
  • thirdly, walking across the street to whole foods to pick up the essentials: laundry detergent, cereal (something grainy for him; honey nut cheerios for her), skim milk and champagne.
  • afterwards, walking another block to papa john's to place an order for a 1 large pie with sausage, green peppers and 1/2 mushrooms.
  • then realizing on our walk back that i actually get to walk places and not have to drive!
  • a few minutes later, sitting on our floor creating a make-shift coffee table with empty boxes (no way was there going to be eating on our beautiful, ultra-comfortable couch) eating pizza on paper plates and drinking a bottle of champagne to celebrate a day of hard work and our 1st night together.
  • and finally, realizing that every day i'll get to wake up next to the most amazing guy ever.

pictures of the new pad will be up soon. we first have to get internet.


Danielle said...

awwwww that last one was so cute! I'm glad everything went well, in general, and that it's over. Are you gonna have a housewarming party or anything?

Erica said...

i would love to have one! our place isn't that big though but i'm sure we'll figure something out! you and steve need to visit (freeeee place to stay :)

Megan said...

Yay! How exciting! Can't wait to see the pics!

Brittany Nicole said...

Congrats friend! So exciting! Super happy for you & Tyler (and that you got your beautiful, ultra comfy couch to fit-haha!) PS - story about Tyler driving away with doors open and then later crushing top of uhaul truck is priceless..I can just imagine your face of horror. LOL Good luck and 1 piece of advice-pick your battles and let the little stuff go. Have fun!! :)


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