Tuesday, December 21, 2010

jiggly jello.

i went to the gym last night with boyfriend. over the last 2 weeks he's been trying to get me to go and try out the new gym in our apartment. but i always seem to make excuses - "i have to unpack!"; "i'm cleaning"; "my back hurts"; yada yada yada. well, last night i decided that it had been way too long since my last work out (thanksgiving to be exact - i know, pathetic), and i needed a little jump start. the hardest part about working out is actually getting the motivation to go do it. why is that? our gym in the new place is super tiny (theme of the complex?), so all 3 tredmills and the 1 elliptical were in use. which meant only 1 machine was left...the dreadfull bike. i hate the bike. i find it to be boring, awkward, and ineffective. it never feels like i get a good workout when i'm on that thing. plus, it hurts my tush. but anywho, i had to work with what was available. after 30 minutes on the bike and 6 miles later my legs felt like jello. i was so exhausted! who would have thought! it felt good to be back and feeling my body adjust and use some muscles it hasn't used in a few weeks. i definitely see this as a challenge to keep up in the upcoming weeks. i just feel like there is so much to do and so little time to do it that how am i going to find time to go to the gym? my goal is to still run a 10k some time in the new year so hopefully once i get back in to a set routine i will be on my way.

here's a great post-workout meal that we made a few days ago (note the new plates. yay!).

(mixed green salad with yellow peppers, grilled salmon and white rice with a lime soy sauce)

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