Monday, December 20, 2010


while packing for the move the boyfriend and i realized we didn't have any shmancy furniture accessories. granted we moved my bed, my flimsy ikea dresser, my flat screen tv, his bubble tv (hehe), 2 tv stands and his bookcase. but, that's it. no barstools. no coffee table. no shelving units or cute little accent pieces. nada. so we both knew big purchases would be inevitable but didn't want to burn holes in our wallets. we agreed that in order to furnish our tiny little apartment comfortablly a few of the items would either be fixer-uper pieces we were originally going to toss during the move or (new?) second-hand purchases. so for our first fixer-uper project we decided to keep 2 unfinished bedside tables from ikea that tyler had. these tables were collecting dust in his room (literally, mountains of dust) so we were just going to donate them and buy new ones for our bedroom. but in order to be thrify and save some hard earned cash, we decided to sand and stain them to match the color of our dresser and bookcase. well neither of us had ever stained furniture before so we both went in not knowing what to expect. after a trip to michael's the staining venture began. it took about 20 minutes to sand each table and was quite the workout. after sanding we wiped the tables down and applied the stainer. three hours later the tables were dried. we were going to apply a second coat but decided that one coat would be just fine. so finally, we applied the clear coat wood finish and i gots to say. the final product is pretty darn good and matches my flimsy ikea dresser perfectly.



our next purchase is going to be a wine bar to put in the corner next to our couch. we are such wine-aholics that this seems like a logical (and necessary) next step. i'm thinking of getting something similar to this below. i love how simple yet sophistacted this antique tray looks.


Brittany Nicole said...

Wow friend the bedside tables turned out great! Good work you two!

Anonymous said...

Those bedside tables never looked more fabulous! They are really antiques, since I bought them when boyfriend was about 3 years old at Cargo Furniture. You two inspire me to be a DIY-er!


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