Thursday, December 9, 2010

we need forks.

we tested out our brand new appliances last sunday and cooked our 1st homemade meal. boyfriend tried out a new recipe for potatoes but they didn't turn out like we hoped. they should have been more oval and not as flakey. but they were still oh so yummy. i mean, how can you go wrong with potatoes, garlic and butter?

(our shmancy new stove)

(italian-seasoned salmon, potatoes, asparagus)

ok, so please ignore the dinnerware. since then we have invested in plates and bowls but have yet to make the plunge for utensils. we have a 200 assorted box sitting on our fridge. boyfriend thinks it's time to invest. i think it's time to buy hangings and cool decorative items. see where my priorities are? plus, the plastic ware decreases dishwashing labor which makes me happy. which should make boyfriend happy. happy girlfriend, happy night :)

welp, i must leave you for the next couple of days. i leave bright and early for san fran! can't wait to meet the tanner household, eat some rice a roni, ride a trolly, and enjoy the 65 degree weather while you all freeze your bums off! tootles!

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