Friday, December 30, 2011

ready to par-tay.

nye by ecoletta

this has been such a lazy week. i just haven't had much motivation to do anything. not to mention i've had a terrible migraine that's lasted since wednesday. i even had to cancel my drinks date with whitney :(  i keep telling myself come january 1st my attitude will change. new year. new mindset. yup.

so with new year's even right around the corner, i would love to rock an outfit like the one above. instead, i'll probably opt for something a little bit more low-key. we're not ones for doing something grand on new year's eve. to us, it's just another night of drinking. we hate how all the restaurants and bars hike up their prices. we decided that we are going to cook a fancy shmancy meal (lobsters and steak) and then invite a few friends over to pregame, eat some snacks, and hit one of the neighborhood bars.

can't wait to celebrate with good friends, dance and pop some bottles...of andre.


how will you be celebrating new year's eve?

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

an impulse buyer.

last week we made our weekly trip to trader joe's for some veggies - and veggies only.

we got those veggies. but managed to walk out with these too...i'm such an impulse buyer.

we can never pass up their wine selection.
merlot. prosecco. cabernet savignon. delish. we may or may not have finished two of those bottles. it's allowed - we were on vacation.
and how funny are those cans? simple times. for $2.99 we just had to get them. boyfriend tried one last night and said they weren't that bad! oh, the things you find at trader joe's. that's why i love that place so much!

so back to those veggies. the whole point of that trip to trader joe's was to pick up some veggies for pork stir-fry. we make stir-fry all the time. it's so easy and really quick to make - especially when your boyfriend lived in china for a year. our wok and rice cooker are probably the most used items in our kitchen :) i think this was our first time adding pork to the mix and it was pretty tasty. we usually use chicken or shrimp because i'm not a huge pork fan. but once in a while pork just hits the spot.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

my instagram weekend {20}.

i had the best christmas weekend! what about you guys? it felt so good to unplug for a few days and spend some quality time with friends and family. it was such a relaxing weekend of eating, drinking and eating, eating, eating. boyfriend and i drove back and forth on christmas eve and christmas day so we can spend the days with both sides of the family. it was double the food and double the laughter. we are so lucky. it felt so nice to unplug from the online world. i also forgot to take pictures. instead i took some videos which i might share later in the week.

 even though it's tuesday, i'm still linking up with a {little} dash of ash for my instagram weekend.

filling up our holiday card holder
lazy afternoon by candlelight

listening to jazz music on friday night.

the start of christmas eve dinner - 10 lobster tails.
nom nom nom.

santa was good to us this year.
my favorite gift - sorel boots
his favorite gift - beer making kit

i hope you had a lovely weekend.
was santa good to you?

Friday, December 23, 2011

winter white.

i'm so happy it's friday! my parents arrive in four hours and we start our festitivites bright and early tomorrow. i'm counting down the hours until we're indulging into our feast of the seven fishes. that's right. we do this. every.single.year. i love being italian.

i had such a fun week. on monday i went to a work holiday party, tuesday i ate lots of mexican food and drank margaritas - obvi - with my bestie and on wednesday i hung out with bloggers-turned real life friends whitney and chelsea. i love these ladies. we had the best time drinking wine (3 bottles - no big deal), and talking for hours about traveling, life, boys, and blogging. oh yeah, while we watched inglorious bastards. love that movie.  

well, i should go and start this cleaning process. i'll leave you with my friday's fancies post - winter white (p.s. thank you whitney for introducing me to polyvore. this thing is magic). i'm going to make sure i rock a similar outfit tomorrow. comfort is key when all you're doing is eating plate after plate of seafood. my idea of heaven.

Winter White

Thursday, December 22, 2011

shit girls say.

do you guys follow @shitgirlssay on twitter?

if not, you should. because here are some tweets you've been missing. they're accurate and they make me laugh out loud all.the.time.

i'm about 99% guilty. typical.
what about you?

p.s. if you're not following me on twitter, you can find me at @missericatweets!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

what i'm wearing.

shirt {urban outfitters}
blazer {urban outfitters}
tights {express}
boots {nine west}
earrings {forever 21}
bracelet {tiffany's}

i wore this outfit on friday night - date night. i never know what to do with this shirt though. it's too long to pair with jeans, but too short to wear alone. so i threw on some black tights and i think it worked out.

do you like how messy our bedroom is? i can't say it's gotten any better. i've been on a laundry frenzy for the last few days and just haven't gotten around to folding it all. my family is coming on friday so i promise our bed will be made and our cleaned clothes will be picked off the floor. well, maybe just the latter.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

did you know.

did you know that...

i would love to work with animals one day.


i tap danced for 13 years.


i am terrified of death.


i think i was a hippie in a past life.


i dream of living in san francisco.


i'm 100% italian.


i make a to-do list every day.

i used to put ketchup on everything. ham. steak. mac and cheese. turkey. eggs. you name it.

i'm allergic to cantaloupe.

what's something that people may not know about you?

Monday, December 19, 2011

my instagram weekend {19}.

my weekend consisted of:

friday date night: dinner and drinks in dc. followed by a movie at the new West End Cinema. they sell beer and wine with their popcorn. it's my new favorite spot.

 saturday dinner party: family style at maggiano's.

baking cookies all weekend long: walnut crescents and ricotta cookies

a breakfast feast: a surprise by boyfriend

if you're wondering about the ugly sweater party. we ended up not making it out. i know. we are losers. the dinner party went much later than we had anticipated and we were both in food comas. maggiano's will do that to you.

and those cookies up there? they are legit. i have four huge tuberware containters full of them right now. they are sitting on our breakfast bar. just staring me down. not good for my wasitline.

Friday, December 16, 2011

it's friday. and i'm fancy.

how amaze is the back of this dress? i'm in love. i would wear this on nye. or in vegas or something. i don't know where else though. it is fabulous. but i'm not that fabulous.

i'm pretty excited for this weekend. i'm doing absolutely nothing tonight. and i cannot wait. might get a little crazy and go to trader joe's for some make your own pizza night ingredients.

saturday we are going to a family birthday dinner party. after we load up on pasta we will be making our way to an ugly christmas sweater party at a friends house. can you believe this will be my first ever ugly sweater party?! i feel like i'm so behind the times. or i'm just not that cool.

annnnnd sunday will probably be spent sleeping in and recovering from saturday night. because i definitely can't drink like i used to. and i need a full 24 hour recovery period. 

  do you have any fun plans this weekend?
have you ever been to an ugly christmas sweater party? where do i buy a sweater!?

p.s. be sure to check out the other fabulous friday's fancies post on {av}'s blog.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

buckets. plus an ornament.

you know what's awesome?

cheap buckets of beer for happy hour.

you know what's even more awesome?

drinking these cheap buckets of beer with this chica.

i had my first blate with whitney a few weeks ago. then we went to blogger blitz together and yesterday we met up for happy hour at ragtime.

we talked for a few hours - about boys, and traveling, and blogging, and how we are both labeled the "mean" friend when out in public. just because we ignore creepy boys at bars does not mean we are mean. it just means we have better things to do. 5 minutes later some creepy guy came up to us and we pretty much ignored him. except he didn't get the hint. and lingered. those are the worst kinds.

so now we have like a million other things planned. but i'm unable to disclose that information right now. it may or may not include additional drinking sessions and a trip to a tattoo shop. not at the same time though. just sayin.

so, a while ago we both entered forever88's ornament swap and low and behold we were paired up with each other. meant to be? yes.

and just look at the amazing ornament she got me?! it's already on our tree.
it's actually the only ornament on our tree right now. because it's that lovely.

i just love hanging out with new friends!
thanks, whitney!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

pho'king quick and easy.

many of you have asked for this recipe.

so boyfriend and i decided to make it again, but this time we actually took note of what we were doing. we don't really follow recipes. we're cool like that.

for all seriousness, if you like pho. you should make this. like today. it's legit. and quick. we're easy pho experts.

you will need:

(these items can be found in the asian aisle of your grocery store)

1. soak rice noodles in warm water for 8 minutes. then drain.
2. bring beef broth to boil (say that 5 times fast. not possible.) - about 1 quart and add 1 tbs ginger, 1 tsp cinnamon, splash of lime juice, and 3 tbs fish sauce.
3. slice raw beef very, very thin. about 5 slices per bowl.
4. put handful of noodles in your bowl, add 5 slices of raw beef, and ladle the broth on top. beef will cook in the broth.
5. add in jalepenos, bean sprouts and green onions. add in sriracha and hoisin sauce to taste.

...and to drink.
wine - optional required.

there you have it.
you can thank me later.

so, make some and invite me over? i'll bring the wine.
k. thanks. bye.

p.s. if you haven't already, be sure to check out my post on jenni-austria-germany. i'm talking about my european backpacking trip and i need all the tips i can get!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

under the mistletoe.

i love everything about this time of year. especially decorating for christmas - picking out a tree, stringing lights around the house, hanging stockings and santa chachkis everwhere!

but let's get real. there is only so much you can do in a 630 sq ft apartment.

we didn't decorate a whole lot last year since it was a busy month of moving in together, making a trip to san francisco, and just settling in to the new place. but over the last few days i've been finding fun little ways to spruce the place up for the holidays - for cheap. thank god for michael's. it's not much, but it's perfect for us :)

diy wreath - $8

bows - .99 cents each
mistletoe & gingerbread sign - hand-me-down from mom

glitter snowflakes  - hand-me-down from mom
table runner & holiday dish - hand-me-down from mom
pinecones - $2.99

ornaments - .50 cents
string - had
cranberries and leaves - leftover from wreath

our tiny tree! not a diy.
what do you think this is?
costco, baby. $20 bucks.

do you like to decorate for the holidays?

Monday, December 12, 2011

my instagram weekend {18}.

this weekend was ah-mazing.

i spent saturday morning volunteering with wreaths across america at arlington cemetary, a wreath laying ceremony. there were thousands of people that poured in from every corner of the cemetary. we witnessed veterans, active men and women, family members and friends join together to pay respect and pray for those no longer with us. it was a touching morning.

sunday night was blogger blitz dc, hosted by the fabulous {av} of long distance loving. i met so many wonderful and inspiring women! this was my first blogger event so i was nervous about going. it was completely out of my comfort zone. i'm somewhat of an introvert so it's hard for me to open up and meet new people. but i'm so, so happy that i put those nerves aside and attended the meet-up. everyone was lovely and so welcoming. now i can't wait to hang out with these ladies again! thank you,  {av} for planning this meet-up! i hope there is another one soon!

have you ever done something a little out of your comfort zone?

p.s. be sure to check out a {little} dash of ash for other instagram weekends!

p.p.s. you can find me on craftinista modeling my favorite new scarf!


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