Wednesday, January 5, 2011

been around the world.

boyfriend and i love to travel (duh), so we thought it was only perfect to make that the theme of our bedroom. we've collected little nic-nacs from places around the world including, fans from spain and china, figurines from portgual and italy, and ceramics from the caribbean and have placed them throughout the bedroom, mainly on our gigantic bookcase. anywho, a few months ago i decided to buy a vintage world map from ebay ($10) in hopes of one day using it. fast forward a few months later and boyfriend and i find the map when merging our things and came up with a genious idea for it. we turned it into a push pin map, tracking all our travels and hung it above our bookcase. it was really a cinch to do - we bought a sheet of cork board ($10) and a frame ($15) from michael's, punched out the plexiglass sheet, layed the map over the cork board and inserted it in the frame. we then used multi-colored push pins and pin pointed major cities, only (red for me, blue for him, & black for both). check out the results:


A Wedding Story said...

I think that is an awesome theme! I love travel and geography (well, that second part bc I'm a nerd!).

Holly said...

I LOVE this idea! I've always wanted a map with pins to show where I traveled! I hope to do this when I own my own house, someday!


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