Thursday, January 20, 2011

the big cheese.

in adhering to yesterday's theme of grilled cheese, i found it only fitting to introduce all you non-DC'ers to the big cheese truck. i found this hilarious (check out a pic of the truck below) and delicious company on a random DC website one day while bored at work. i've had it bookmarked on my computer for over 1 month now and thought it was time to share it with the world. the big cheese truck is a new gourmet, yes i said it - gourmet - grilled cheese truck that came on to the Arlington/DC streets in early December. the glorious truck offers six sandwhich creations made with cheese. duh. the menu also features tomato soup (i should submit my recipe!) even though i have yet to try it, i've read the big cheese is already a huge success. i mean, let's face it. the demand is there. what's more comforting than grilled cheese and tomato soup when it's cold outside? mmm, i love grilled cheese.

now, you ask, how do you find this truck? the big cheese truck tweets it's locations daily or you can go to their website for their weekly schedule and plan accordingly. um and it looks like they are going to be in my neck-of- the-woods tomorrow. it's going to be a happy and cheesy friday for me :)

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