Friday, January 28, 2011

gluttonous lunch.

boyfriend and i both had a snow day yesterday and got to work from home together. awwww. i was already planning on working from home anyway because of my 2nd steroid injection. ouch. the doctor was unable to find the right area at first so he had to inject me a second time in order to get it right. funnnn for me. let me tell ya. it's not the most pleasant experience having multiple needles puncturing the spine of your neck. i had a mini breakdown while face down on the table. i'm positive i made the nurse feel super awkward. i could tell she didn't know what to do. she brought me a glass of water and scurried out of the room. whatever, i had no shame. even though they numb the area (by injecting you with more shots!), you still feel enormous amounts of pressure as the medicine slides down and into your spine. i can't even explain the feeling to you. it feels like your neck is about to explode. ok. enough, this is getting gross.

so after my breakdown, i went home to rest and "work" from the couch, boyfriend and i went to the grocery store to pick up a few essentials. then we stopped by our favorite, and the most amazing deli ever for lunch. seriously, if you're ever in northern virgina come to arlington and go to THE ITALIAN STORE! the greatest place on earth. they have the best italian hot and cold deli sandwiches you can find below the mason dixon line. boyfriend got his usual capri sandwich and i decided to try something new. the meatball sub. this thing was monsterous and glorious. i of course finished the entire thing, and by the time dinner crept up on us we were still too full to make anything (which shocked us both). so around 9pm our stomach's started growling again (shocker), and decided to cook something easy and light - spinach and shrimp. it was the perfect light meal after a gluttonous lunch. check out the pics below. yup, they were taken by my new best friend. look how great they turned out! you can even see the steam rising from the spinach. wawaweewa!

(shrimp, peppers and onions on a bed of garlic & white wine sauteed spinach)

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