Monday, January 31, 2011

inspiration monday.

i wasn't feeling up to par this past weekend. my 2nd injection shot really got the best of me and i was all loopy from the fun painkillers i was prescribed. so in between eating a massive rib-eye dinner (pics soon to come!) and watching really bad reality tv, i was able to play around with my new friend, i mean my new camera. i'm at a very, very beginner level - like i can pretty much hold the camera like a professional but that's about it - so this is going to take a while to get used to. but i'm already having fun with it. so much fun. now i feel like i need to take my cam everywhere with me, even to work, so i don't miss out on a great shot.

so on sunday, boyfriend and i decided to take a sporadic adventure and leave the go bowling at lucky strike! woohoo, again, we're such party animals. i decided to take the cam along and capture some sweet bowling moves. but to our dissapointment, when we got to lucky strike at around 1pm there was an hour and a half wait! whaaaaaaaaaaaat?!? how is that even possible?! so without hesitation we got the heck out of that place and took a stroll to the National Gallery of Art. boyfriend is a huge art buff so he was totally in his element. i, on the otherhand, am always open to new things so i didn't mind. plus, to see boyfriend get super excited about the impressionism exhibit was totally cute. the gallery building is absolutely magnificent. and if i understood art, i would probably say that the art was too (don't get me wrong, it was really neat and interesting, but c'mon. i aint foolin nobody). but having my cam with me totally inspired me to enjoy the art, the sunny, crisp outdoors and take in the amazing architecture of DC surrounding me. having my new cam is totally inspiring. it makes me want to see more, to learn more, to feel more. i can't wait to have random afternoon adventures like this again with boyfriend so i can whip out my cam like a pro and take amazing shots.

(at the national gallery of art sculpture garden)

(view of the capitol in front of the gallery)
(fresh roses throughout the gallery)


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