Tuesday, January 25, 2011

vodka for dinner.

(spinach and cheese ravioli's with vodka sauce; side spinach salad w/blue cheese crumbles, croutons & yellow peppers in a light italian dressing)

we got these ravioli's from costco and they are melt-in-your-mouth fantastic. i'd really like to learn how to make ravioli's from scratch, but when costco sells about 40 for $8 (again, why i love costco so much), it just doesn't seem logical. we paired them with some vodka sauce we had leftover since last month (from a can - i know, shame), and then made a side spinach salad. at the end of dinner boyfriend and i were so full that we let the dishes sit in the sink for an entire hour before cleaning up. we're crazy like that. once we were done cleaning, i managed to find enough room in my belly for a cup of mint chocolate chip ice cream. the green kind, duh. i need to get to the gym, asap.

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