Tuesday, January 18, 2011

what's in my bookcase.

with boyfriend out of town for the last 4 days (he gets back tonight, yayayay!), i had the opportunity to clean out the apartment, organize my closet, and run a few errands. while i was dusting our bookcase, i decided to take inventory of all the books we have (yes, that's how bored i was). i tried creating a table on here and organize them by author, but i'm at a blogger-beginner level and have no idea how to do that. so, instead, i'm going to list my top 5 books i've read that are MINE, not boyfriend's. when you look at our bookcase up close you can clearly see the separation. i have a mixed taste of books that really changes with the seasons. in summer i like girly, easy beach reads. in winter i like more dramatic, insightful reads. boyfriend, on the otherhand, likes i don't even know how to describe it. let's just say he has a more eclectic collection of books and i love him for it. for christmas he asked for the 2 books, "The Plot Against America" and "Eating Animals". when i went to Barnes & Nobles and asked the manager if he could help me find these books, i got the sense that he thought i was a terrorist. i felt like i should have explained myself to him but the idea that he thought i was dangerous was sort of cool. so i didn't say a word. anywho, as one of my new year's resolution, i want to try and read all of my books before purchasing any new ones. this is a daunting task but i'm sure gonna try. currently i'm reading a book boyfriend got me for christmas, called "The Beach". this is in his top 5 and assured me that it's better than the movie (just like every other book). i assured him that he is probably wrong because leonardo dicaprio is better than any book. so my initiative will have to start when i'm done reading this book, which so far, is amaze-balls and i can't put it down.

(currently reading...)

please note: there are a handful of books that are still in north carolina at my parents house, so i'm 99.9% sure i'm forgetting a few that should be on my top 5. oh well. right now we have 86 books stuffed in our bookcase so it's a tight squeeze. we're dorks and we need another bookcase.

(so in no particular order, my top 5...)

#1: The Complete Persepolis
HIGHLY recommend. such a unique read.
a black and white autobiographical comic
about growing up in Iran during & after the
Islamic revolution.

#2: Fahrenheit 451

a 1950's sci-fi book that shockingly
resembles today's society and how
glued we are to the pseudo realities
in television.

#3: Twelve

although it has received awful reviews from critics,
and the movie was a flop, i enjoyed the storyline
about teenage drug addiction and violence. not to mention
nick mcdonell wrote it when he was 17. bravo.

#4: Dear John
not gonna lie. i have a slight obsession with
Nicholas Sparks. but Dear John is by far my
favorite of his books. i cried like a baby. and yes, i
saw the movie. and yes, i was completely

#5: Eat, Pray, Love
either you hate it. or love it. and i love.
truly inspiring and a great summer read.
i felt like i was strolling the streets of italy
alongside Elizabeth Gilbert while reading
her journey. i want to be her.

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