Friday, February 25, 2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011

interior revamping.

i've been thinking a lot about redecorating our bedroom. probably has to do with the fact that i completely destroyed our ikea dresser in a sudden rage last week. let me paint the picture for you - late for work...had a migrane...drawer was stuck for the 500th time...had a migrane...needed undies...had a migrane. maybe i'll post pictures of the aftermath. it's kind of funny. except that we have nowhere to put our clothes. i've had such bad luck with ikea furniture over the years that it really make me hesitant to buy another dresser from there that might only last another year or two (unless i have another freak out in which we might only have a few weeks or months with it). ikea furtniture was ideal in college when i was leading the nomadic lifestyle. but now that boyfriend and i are "grown-ups" and we have our own place, i feel like it's time to step it up a notch and get "grown-up" furniture. the problem with that is neither of us want to spend a bagillion $$$. but then another part of us doesn't want to buy super-duper nice furniture if we're just going to move again in 1-2 years and buy a condo/house (that's a BIG if). humph. my life is so hard.

i'm putting together an inspiration board of what i'm totally vibing right now. i'm thinking of doing a clean/beachy/calm design. i would love to still be able to incorporate pieces we have in the bedroom, such as our 2 fabulous lime green lamps sitting on our DIY bedside tables and our thrifted bookcase. the map will probably move to our hallway as i'm not sure it will gel with the new decor i'm looking at. right now i'm in the market for a white, fluffy bedspread like this one and hopefully can find accent pieces with little pops of color to liven up the room a bit.

i love how clean and simple these bedrooms are. i need my bedroom to be a place of non-clutter and pure relaxation and i think these do the trick. but i'm still confused on a dresser. do you guys have bedroom furniture from ikea? am i just picking the wrong pieces? what should i doooooo?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

vino, per favore

this week has been brutal and it's only wednesday. i need a glass of my favorite blackberry wine. asap.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

womp womp.

i went to the gym this past weekend for the 1st time in a LONG time. my arms still feel like jello. my workout plans have taken a different course over the last month. last seen here, i was hoping to train for a 10k this summer. welp, because of this little thingy, things have changed and I will have to put those plans of running a 10k on a tentative hold. the shots and other therapy care haven’t been working so i’ll be getting surgery to fix the disc. it’s a fairly common surgery, and apparently i’ll be left with a pretty rad scar on my neck, but i’m still scared. I don’t care who you are and what you’re getting done, but getting surgery should never be a calming activity. i’ll try to blog as much as I can during this time. i think I’ll be able to since i’ll be in bed most of the day with a good book watching bad reality tv. i don’t see the harm in turning on my laptop next to me – but i can’t promise anything. so as I was saying, i won’t be able to work out for quite a while but i’m determined to get in as many (safe) workouts as i can before going under the knife. So on sunday boyfriend offered to train me for the day and helped me with light arm weightlifting. i even did the bench press which i haven’t done since high school (i know it’s hard to believe, but I used to be one buff teenager!). boyfriend was so cute. he was so in his element when showing me different ways to hold the weights and all that mumbo jumbo. afterwards i did 20 minutes on the elliptical and ran 1 mile. i thought the run would be excruciating considering I haven’t been since thanksgiving, but it wasn’t at all!

i can’t wait to be fully recovered in the next few months so i can put my resolution to work and finally get to that 10k. I’m also looking forward to being able to work out on a regular basis and not feel ANY pain whatsoever. buh-bye herniated disc, hello 10k!

(someone totally caught me sleeping on the least i'm not drooling)

Monday, February 21, 2011


hello. my name is erica. and i'm a turkey-holic. well, so it seems. latelyboyfriend and i have been on a turkey high. we made turkey meatballs for the first time a couple weeks ago and were very surprised at how awesome they turned out. we threw them in a heaping bowl of spaghetti and gravy (for all you non-italians, that means red sauce, geesh). we bought 1lb lean ground turkey so it was a healthy alternative to an otherwise indulgent dish and added 1 egg, 1/2 cup of breadcrumbs, onion, garlic, oregano, salt and pepper.
this looks like dog food. but it's not. it's turkey meatloaf. i love meatloaf and sometimes i have dreams about the hearty dish and wake up drooling. well i always wake up drooling but sometimes it's because of meatloaf dreams. it's just so comforting for a cold, wintery night. boyfriend cooked this dish while i was cleaning so i'm not sure what recipe he used (that is if he used one. he tends to just wing it), but he made his own bbq sauce too good. and oh! i cannot forget the freakin garlic mashed potatoes.
grlegjelwgnlkeajglkewrge ( <----- me getting super excited about mashed potoatoes, which happens frequently). i just love when mashed potatoes have bits of skin left in them. so rustic.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

stuffy valentine.

boyfriend and i spent our valentine's day with stuffy noses and achey bodies. yup, we both caught the flu this week. how romantic. boyfriend did manage to sneak out and buy me some daisies, which are my most favoritest (?) flower! awwww ::cue in some sappy music right here:: we then mustered up enough energy to order take-out from our favorite thai restaurant but we ended up not having much of an appetitie and were in bed by 9pm.

and how delicious does this look? this heavenly dish was my breakfast last saturday. garlic potato pancakes and a poached egg. wowza. we made meatloaf friday night (pics to come), with a side of homemade garlic mash and had leftovers which we then turned into this little dish of fun. all we had to do was add 2 tbs. of flour and 1 egg to the mix. SO EASY and SO FLAVORFUL! my new obsession.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

eat bar.

saturday night we finally made it out to eat bar in arlington. from the outside it looks like a run-down joint that you would never want to set foot in. but we heard great things and decided to give it a shot. i mean, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, right? wrong. i totally do. i digress.

overall our experience was mediocre. for a gastropub, the decor and environment were really cool. the space is awfully pretty, but low-key. it was all dim lighting and candles lit everywhere. i was super excited that they served us our water in little mason jars. LOVE that. now i want to replace all our glasses in the apartment with mason jars and get reusable straws.

we decided to order a few dishes to split. our first dish was the humboldt fog cheese platter!!!!!!! we were shocked that they had this on their menu. back in san fran our friends (who happened to work on a cheese farm one summer) introduced us to this cheese while we were on the oyster farm and it is amazing. the best cheese in the world. it's a goat cheese that resembles brie with its waxy crust. it has a central line of edible ash (yes, ash) and its unbeliveably creamy, light, and mildly acidic. YUM! so we paired the cheese platter with some smoked salmon terrine which was good, but nothing to brag about. nothing like the humboldt fog.

for our main dishes we ordered the risotto fritters which was paired with a pomodoro sauce and the steamed maine mussels. the fritters were ok - the sauce on the side was a bit cold and chunky. i could have done without. the mussels on the other hand were delicious. for only $10, we were served a generous amount of mussels that were soaked in the white wine just perfectly. the best part was dipping the garlic bread in the sauce at the end. YUM!

Monday, February 14, 2011

inspiration monday.

in honor of valentine's day....

this song is for my love. the one who inspires me every day.

Friday, February 11, 2011

my prayers have been answered.

BAM! look what i had for lunch today....

...and it was even better than i imagined. so much better. thank you big guy in the sky for answering my prayers.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

11 point 5.



remember this? i finally did it! 11.5 inches of my hair is being given to someone who needs it a lot more than i do. it was such a gratifying experience and i urge many to do it. other than having a hideous bowl-like cut in 5th grade, i've never had short hair. so you can imagine the anxiety i had going to the salon. the bangs were an after thought. but i figured i needed to "go big or go home" and insisted this would be the perfect time to try it out. and i loooooove! boyfriend says i look "sassy". that's a A ++ in my book!

for information on the charity, visit or check with your salon to see if they're a particpating member. my salon is which meant they handle the shipment AND my cut was free :) double bonus!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

simulated weekend.

our version of an egg frittata on a saturday morning. we knew we wanted eggs, we knew we wanted potatoes. we threw it all in pan, blended some chunks of orange peppers and spices and voila! the bottom was a bit burnt, but nonetheless, scrumptious!

our weekend wasn't that exciting. need proof?

i caught boyfriend playing sims. yep, that sims. where you build landscapes and control the lives of simulated people. yep. he reinstalled it on his computer and has been glued to the screen since sunday morning. his inner geekiness is precious.
today is tuesday and it feels like friday. don't you hate when that happens? probably one of the worst feelings. ever. work has been busy, life has been busy and i need like 10 minutes to just breathe. i know. i need a vacation. greece, anyone?

Monday, February 7, 2011

inspiration monday.

can a cup of tea be inspiring? well it was for me this weekend. it was a beautiful sunday here in DC. at a whopping 43 degrees i was able to open up our sliding glass doors and let the light and crisp air fill up our apartment. it only felt fitting to make myself a cup of tea. my most favorite tea ever is taylor's tea of harrogate. it is seriously the best tea. ever. a year and a half ago i was visiting my bestie in harrogate, england. she was briefly living there at the time. harrogate is a quaint, little english town north of leeds. there is an american base located there so the town is filled with a mixture of english sweetharts and obnoxious americans. but besides the pesty americans, the town is beautiful and filled with green, rolling hills filled with sheep and stone buildings. taylor's tea is so incredibly delicious, and simple, and smooth. it's the perfect tea. while i was there i bought 2 boxes to take back with me. I went through them so fast that i had my bestie bring me back 2 more boxes.

but with the windows open and the breeze pouring in, i was instantly brought back to october 2009. the smell of the air, the taste of the tea, the feeling of laziness transported me right back. isn't it weird that the smell of the air or the sound of a song can instantly take you back to a specific moment in the past? so weird. but it was this combination of things that left me inspired. i felt inspired to travel again and to get out of my house. if you know me, then you know i love to travel. my nickname growing up was "gypsie". i've always felt the need to move around and immerse myself in as many cultures as i can. it's hard for me to stay in one city for more than a year. i feel like i haven't been able to do that as of late. take my current living situation. i live in the nations capital and i still feel like i don't know this city as well as i should. yes, i've done all the touristy things and i have my fave local spots i like to call my own, but this city doesn't feel like mine. plus, the joys in traveling aren't just to see the touristy things. the best times i've had in different cities or countires are when you're off course and don't have a specific agenda. that's when you truley experience another culture. and i don't feel like i've experienced all there is in DC. maybe it's my inner gypsie telling me it's time to move elsewhere. but how can i when i feel like i still have so much to experience here. i sometimes feel like i take this city for granted. i'm surrounded by so much history and influential people (holla atcha girl, Obama!), that i should be immersing myself right here!

so, in retrospect, my little cup of tea sunday morning inspired me. i even made it out of the apartment and took a 15 minute walk around the block with boyfriend. who am i even?

so, what inspired you this weekend?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

tight pants.

last friday night was quite the eating affair. after an unsuccessful trip to the big cheese truck during my lunch break (missed the truck by 6 minutes!!), i left work early and met up with boyfriend back home. we had a nice afternoon of shnuggling on the couch and shopping for his sister’s birthday present. on the walk back from shopping i wanted to stop by the new bake shop called Crumbs. O.M.G. as soon as I walked in I was in heaven. the counter was filled with dozens of specialty cupcakes. think pistachio, red velvet, cookie dough. I HAD TO HAVE ONE. boyfriend and I were so indecisive and couldn’t agree on just one (i was ready to go home with 2 but didn’t want to be a fatty. naturally.). so we had the cashier help us. we went with the devil's food and what a mighty fine choice. I skipped home like a little school girl who just got asked out to the friday night dance. i couldn’t wait to indulge after our rib eye dinner. yup. rib-eye. i said it.

(look at this joy in a box)

a few days earlier we picked up 2 generous steaks, and since we didn’t have any plans to go out and be social on a friday night, we decided to stay in (lame) and cook these bad boys. boyfriend made an awesome mushroom and onion glaze reduced with red wine to pour on top. nom nom nom! these plates were destroyed in record time. we ate every last bit and maybe even licked the plate. as soon as we were done I raced into the bedroom to change into some sweat pants because at this point my jeans were digging into my protruding belly. but not even that could stop me! about an hour later, while playing quarters with woodchuck cider (I know, classy), it was time for some devils food. We split that little piece of heaven right down the middle and sunk our teeth right into it. it was soft, it was rich, it was warm. the vanilla icing was the perfect sweetness and texture. with only a few bites left and trying to savor every mouth full, something AMAZING happened. there was a huge glob of chocolate fudge being exposed in the middle of the cupcake. superb. i will definitely go back to Crumbs. I’m actually surprised I haven’t been back already. it’s only about a 2 minute walk from our apartment. dangerouuuuuus.

and then of course, after too many woodchucks and beating boyfriend at quarters, i proceeded to have another chocolate craving. specifically, a chocolate covered pretzel rod with sprinkles craving. because the rib eye dinner and massive devils food cupcake with fudge filling just wasn’t enough for me. what is wrong with me?


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