Tuesday, February 15, 2011

eat bar.

saturday night we finally made it out to eat bar in arlington. from the outside it looks like a run-down joint that you would never want to set foot in. but we heard great things and decided to give it a shot. i mean, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, right? wrong. i totally do. i digress.

overall our experience was mediocre. for a gastropub, the decor and environment were really cool. the space is awfully pretty, but low-key. it was all dim lighting and candles lit everywhere. i was super excited that they served us our water in little mason jars. LOVE that. now i want to replace all our glasses in the apartment with mason jars and get reusable straws.

we decided to order a few dishes to split. our first dish was the humboldt fog cheese platter!!!!!!! we were shocked that they had this on their menu. back in san fran our friends (who happened to work on a cheese farm one summer) introduced us to this cheese while we were on the oyster farm and it is amazing. the best cheese in the world. it's a goat cheese that resembles brie with its waxy crust. it has a central line of edible ash (yes, ash) and its unbeliveably creamy, light, and mildly acidic. YUM! so we paired the cheese platter with some smoked salmon terrine which was good, but nothing to brag about. nothing like the humboldt fog.

for our main dishes we ordered the risotto fritters which was paired with a pomodoro sauce and the steamed maine mussels. the fritters were ok - the sauce on the side was a bit cold and chunky. i could have done without. the mussels on the other hand were delicious. for only $10, we were served a generous amount of mussels that were soaked in the white wine just perfectly. the best part was dipping the garlic bread in the sauce at the end. YUM!


Meredith said...

Those mussels look delicious! And I will definitely have to try that cheese if I come across it, it sounds wonderful.

Erica said...

let me know if you ever come across it. i've been searching around here at my local grocery stores and haven't found it yet!


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