Monday, February 7, 2011

inspiration monday.

can a cup of tea be inspiring? well it was for me this weekend. it was a beautiful sunday here in DC. at a whopping 43 degrees i was able to open up our sliding glass doors and let the light and crisp air fill up our apartment. it only felt fitting to make myself a cup of tea. my most favorite tea ever is taylor's tea of harrogate. it is seriously the best tea. ever. a year and a half ago i was visiting my bestie in harrogate, england. she was briefly living there at the time. harrogate is a quaint, little english town north of leeds. there is an american base located there so the town is filled with a mixture of english sweetharts and obnoxious americans. but besides the pesty americans, the town is beautiful and filled with green, rolling hills filled with sheep and stone buildings. taylor's tea is so incredibly delicious, and simple, and smooth. it's the perfect tea. while i was there i bought 2 boxes to take back with me. I went through them so fast that i had my bestie bring me back 2 more boxes.

but with the windows open and the breeze pouring in, i was instantly brought back to october 2009. the smell of the air, the taste of the tea, the feeling of laziness transported me right back. isn't it weird that the smell of the air or the sound of a song can instantly take you back to a specific moment in the past? so weird. but it was this combination of things that left me inspired. i felt inspired to travel again and to get out of my house. if you know me, then you know i love to travel. my nickname growing up was "gypsie". i've always felt the need to move around and immerse myself in as many cultures as i can. it's hard for me to stay in one city for more than a year. i feel like i haven't been able to do that as of late. take my current living situation. i live in the nations capital and i still feel like i don't know this city as well as i should. yes, i've done all the touristy things and i have my fave local spots i like to call my own, but this city doesn't feel like mine. plus, the joys in traveling aren't just to see the touristy things. the best times i've had in different cities or countires are when you're off course and don't have a specific agenda. that's when you truley experience another culture. and i don't feel like i've experienced all there is in DC. maybe it's my inner gypsie telling me it's time to move elsewhere. but how can i when i feel like i still have so much to experience here. i sometimes feel like i take this city for granted. i'm surrounded by so much history and influential people (holla atcha girl, Obama!), that i should be immersing myself right here!

so, in retrospect, my little cup of tea sunday morning inspired me. i even made it out of the apartment and took a 15 minute walk around the block with boyfriend. who am i even?

so, what inspired you this weekend?

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Meredith said...

I love DC - I have friends that live there and every time I go visit and we're in the city, I'm always inspired. I think just soaking up all the history around me when I'm there is enough to make me feel like part of it, even though I don't live there.

I bet you know it and are a part of it more than you see right now - sometimes you just don't realize it when you're in the middle of your day-to-day life in a place.

Also, I now want tea. :)


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