Thursday, February 24, 2011

interior revamping.

i've been thinking a lot about redecorating our bedroom. probably has to do with the fact that i completely destroyed our ikea dresser in a sudden rage last week. let me paint the picture for you - late for work...had a migrane...drawer was stuck for the 500th time...had a migrane...needed undies...had a migrane. maybe i'll post pictures of the aftermath. it's kind of funny. except that we have nowhere to put our clothes. i've had such bad luck with ikea furniture over the years that it really make me hesitant to buy another dresser from there that might only last another year or two (unless i have another freak out in which we might only have a few weeks or months with it). ikea furtniture was ideal in college when i was leading the nomadic lifestyle. but now that boyfriend and i are "grown-ups" and we have our own place, i feel like it's time to step it up a notch and get "grown-up" furniture. the problem with that is neither of us want to spend a bagillion $$$. but then another part of us doesn't want to buy super-duper nice furniture if we're just going to move again in 1-2 years and buy a condo/house (that's a BIG if). humph. my life is so hard.

i'm putting together an inspiration board of what i'm totally vibing right now. i'm thinking of doing a clean/beachy/calm design. i would love to still be able to incorporate pieces we have in the bedroom, such as our 2 fabulous lime green lamps sitting on our DIY bedside tables and our thrifted bookcase. the map will probably move to our hallway as i'm not sure it will gel with the new decor i'm looking at. right now i'm in the market for a white, fluffy bedspread like this one and hopefully can find accent pieces with little pops of color to liven up the room a bit.

i love how clean and simple these bedrooms are. i need my bedroom to be a place of non-clutter and pure relaxation and i think these do the trick. but i'm still confused on a dresser. do you guys have bedroom furniture from ikea? am i just picking the wrong pieces? what should i doooooo?

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anna said...

and i just need a bedroom...
preferably, something like in the top right corner:)


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