Wednesday, March 30, 2011

hump day finale.

the top chef finale is on tonight and i'm so excited! i've been a fan of top chef since it first started when harold won. ha! i wonder what he's doing nowadays. top chef is probably the one show that boyfriend and i agree on and watch together without the other person huffing and puffing in misery. i just can't seem to get him to sit and watch the real housewives with me. we really want richard to win tonight because mike is so annoying and he really skeeves me out. plus, he's supposed to be italian yet he completely botched the rao's italian restaurant challenge. fool. way to represent.

do you guys have a show that you look forward to every week?

Monday, March 28, 2011

back to the grind.

i went back to work today and after 4 weeks it was quite the challenge. i definitely didn't miss setting an alarm. i definitely didn't miss waking up at 7am. i definitely didn't miss taking the metro or sitting in front of a computer screen for 9+ hours. oh, well. i guess that's life.

WHAT is with this weather? last week it was 75 degrees and now it's 35?! i had to whip out the gloves this past weekend. not okay. boyfriend and i followed through with our inital plans and perused eastern market on saturday. i was a bit disappointed in the lack of vendors there, as well as the music. we were expecting a larger venue of bands but it was the usual tent next to the coffee shop. still nice, but not what we thought. i of course found some awesome pieces of clothing and jewlery that i desperately wanted to buy but i told myself before going that i would only browse! whenever i make those promises to myself i always break them, but i'm proud of myself for sticking with it this time. i can't wait to go back and purchase the crapola out of that place.

oh, hello neck scar...

Friday, March 25, 2011

happy friday.

it's almost the weekend and there's supposed to be crappy weather heading our way. boo. but i'm still determined to make it a good time. i'm having a girls night tonight with my best friend. we're going to grab a delicious dinner, paint our nails, watch sappy movies. just what i need before heading back to work on monday. ugh. during the day on saturday boyfriend and i will head to eastern market and catch some live music! saturday at night we have a friends birthday party and i'm really excited. there will be a lot of people there that i haven't seen in a few months so it will be fun to catch up. and that leaves sunday for pure laziness and catching up on what i estimate to be around 1000 emails that have accumulated over the past month from work. super.
happy friday!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

what i am craving.

shopping at eastern market

veggie burger and asparagus fries from BGR: The Burger Joint

spring opening of rita's italian ice
pina colada is my fave!

my neighborhood farmer's market

cherry blossom festival in DC

brunch mimosa's

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

in exactly 3 months.

...i'll be lounging on the beach in m-i-a-m-i. that's right. boyfriend and i are taking a mini vacay to south beach in june with some friends and staying here. so swanky. i'm super stoked. hopefully i'll run into one of the real houseives of miami! only in my dreams. i've only been to miami twice - once when i was 10 and taking a cruise to the caribbean, so that doesn't even count; and the second time was for work and i was alone, so that doesn't count either.

the countdown is on. i have exactly 3 months to get back in shape. my hip is healing, my neck is healing. all is good. well, sorta. i signed up at boyfriends gym last night and today i can't really move. incredibly sore. but i guess it's a good-kind-of-sore. i'd like to drop another 6-8 lbs before the trip, which i think is reachable especially since boyfriend is on this workout kick. he's already lost 15lbs since January 1st. wtf? how do guys do it? all he had to do was stop having a beer with dinner during the week and snacking and POOF. goodbye 15 lbs. i will never understand the male race. it took me 4 months to drop these stinkin' 11 lbs, but then it only took me 1 month to lose these 4 lbs? it's so inconsistent! maybe i'll save my health tips for another post if you're all interested. happy hump day!

::sigh:: cannot. wait.
are you going anywhere fun this spring/summer?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

super moon.

super moon was saturday night. did any of you catch it? if you have no idea what i'm talking about it's probably because you live under a rock. just kidding. i had no idea until i spotted the massive thing on our drive home and boyfriend yelled out "SUPER MOON!" apparently it's a new or full moon which occurs when when the moon is 90% or greater of its closest approach to earth. basically it's humongous and you feel as if you can reach up and touch it. pretty insane!

on the drive home i tried snapping a picture of it but boyfriend wouldn't let me hang out the window. so instead we raced to the key bridge in order to try and get a picture of it next to the monument. epic fail. by the time we got there we were too late and the moon was further away. oh well. it was an enjoyable journey trying to chase the moon.

(here is what we wanted to capture. but unfortunately we're no pro's)

instead we got these pictures. womp womp...

(my failed attempt in the car)

(on the key bridge)

Monday, March 21, 2011

date night.

friday night was date night. which meant surprise dinner on the balcony from boyfriend, italian bottle of wine, and an impromptu outing to the bar down the street. it was perfect.

it was so warm out! a whopping 75 degrees! our dish was perfectly light, colorful and satisfying. a perfect representation of the warmer days approaching. boyfriend first made mango salsa from scratch. so tasty. now we have a container of leftovers which will be perfect with tostitos chips! he paired the salsa with roasted tilapia - lightly seasoned with pepper, sauteed spinach and a scoop of white rice.

if you're interested in making the salsa here is a rough recipe. boyfriend never follows one so it's hard to get an accurate count of products. we so fancy.

1. peel and dice 2 mangos
2. dice 1 tomato
3. finely chop cilantro, 1 jalapeno, 1/4 onion
4. add lime juice, salt and pepper

4. mix and chill for 1 hour
5. EAT

Thursday, March 17, 2011

very british of me.

everytime i walk into a starbucks i always swoon over their pastries, specifically the scones. surprisingly i had never had a scone before and decided last weekend to bake my own using this recipe. i was a tad nervous because our kitchen isn't stocked with all the baking necessities just yet - hey, we're getting there - so i had to improvise. think wine bottle as a rolling pin, jar lid for a cutter. i'm so creative. in the end they came out really good. i'm pretty sure they should have been a bit thicker but nonetheless i enjoyed munching on them with a hot cup of tea.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

tight pants - part duex.

the most amazing thing happened to me last week. i was sitting at home, minding my own business, when i get a phone call from my mom who was shopping across the street. her exact words - "there is a truck here giving away free cupcakes. come quick!" in a matter of seconds i was out the door. i was expecting the truck to be handing out sample size cupcakes, but to my lovely surprise they were full-size gourmet cupcakes! oh sweet heaven! they had about a dozen different flavors to choose from - bailey's irish cream to coconut to apple spice. me and my mom picked up red velvet. boyfriend got bailey's. as i was walking away i heard a young girl ask for 2! i contemplated turning right around and asking for coconut, but i didn't want to look like a fatty. i regreted that decision as soon as i bit into my delectable red velvet. should have went back! but seriously, what's with all these cupcake bakeries popping up? don't get me wrong, i'm lovin it but i already have one across the street from my place and i definitely don't need cupcake trucks parked on every corner too!

the company is called sprinkles cupcakes and just opened a store in georgetown. i thought their strategic placement of the truck was effective. they were placed right smack in between of crumbs, another cupcake bakery, and whole foods on a gorgeous day. i also realized their store in georgetown is up for huge competition with the only other cupcake bakery in its area, the infamous georgetown cupcakes. i mean, they even have their own show on TLC. i have yet to try georgetown cupcakes. everytime i'm in the area the line is wrapped around the building and i hate waiting in lines. maybe i can pretend to be a crazy fan of the show and barge to the front of the line. doubtful - i bet that would get me banished from the property.

Friday, March 11, 2011

countdown is on.

7 more hours until i see this guy.

happy friday! i'm still recovering so my plan this weekend is to watch lots of movies, cook something fun (any suggestions?), try to go for a walk if my hip will allow me to, and make up for a loss of shnuggling time.

what are your weekend plans?!?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

new bloggie; new neck.

as you can see i've done some changing around here. for the last few weeks i've been thinking about changing the name of this blog. when i first started writing it was a way for me to keep in touch with dear friends and keep track of my training progress for a 5k race - hence the 3.1 reference in the title. on top of training for my races - so much has happened since then. i love documenting all the little adventures boyfriend and i take together, the meals we cook together and everything else in between. mostly because i have a bad memory and can't remember what we did 3 days ago. it just made sense to incorporate "us'" in the new title.
boyfriend likes to call me chuckles. and this blog is full of all the things we love to do together. so i give you "a pocket full of chuckles."

on another note - i had pancakes for dinner last night. i love having breakfast for dinner. i always feel like a rebel. i actually think it was national pancake day a few days ago too. i'm sad i missed it. so i guess this was me making up for it. yeaaaaaah....that's it. or it's the fact that i still can't eat a lot of solid foods and pancakes are fluffy and soft and amazing.

Monday, March 7, 2011

great falls.

last weekend we took advantage of the "warmer" weather and drove to great falls. boyfriend and i like coming here. this was the first day-date he took me on back in november 2009 (awwwww). there's so much to do around the area. it's a great place for hiking, picnics with friends, and just pure relaxing. also, if you're lucky like us, you can catch people kayaking down the river.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

i'm still here!

don't worry - you're in the right place! as you can see i did some changing around here. but it's still me! i'll explain more tomorrow :)

boyfriend left for austin this morning on business and i miss him terribly. my mama is still in town taking care of me since i'm still crippled.
mama's make everything better.
sweet dreams.

Friday, March 4, 2011

in a haze.

i don't have much energy to write, but here is a delicious dinner we made last week. or 2 weeks ago. or a month ago. i can't remember. but it was yummy in my tummy. i wish i could eat. i want a cheeseburger.

(our prep station)

(baked tilapia with zucchini risotto and sweet white corn with basil, tomatoes and onions)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

this is the medicine, man.

surgery went well. came home from hospital tuesday night. have been in bed since then. i wobble to and from the kitchen every few hours with the help of my parents and boyfriend. i wear a neck brace. i haven't showered since monday morning. haven't shaved since friday. can only eat mashed potatoes and apple sauce. ha - i wear a neck brace! been heavily medicated and about to get my next dose in 1 hour. dreaming of pizza and cheeseburgers. my lips are so chapped. my skin is really itchy. basically, i look and feel like a million bucks.


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