Wednesday, March 30, 2011

hump day finale.

the top chef finale is on tonight and i'm so excited! i've been a fan of top chef since it first started when harold won. ha! i wonder what he's doing nowadays. top chef is probably the one show that boyfriend and i agree on and watch together without the other person huffing and puffing in misery. i just can't seem to get him to sit and watch the real housewives with me. we really want richard to win tonight because mike is so annoying and he really skeeves me out. plus, he's supposed to be italian yet he completely botched the rao's italian restaurant challenge. fool. way to represent.

do you guys have a show that you look forward to every week?


Brittany Nicole said...

I was SOO SOO EXCITED that Richard Blaise won! I was nervous watching like I was there or something! lol I'm such a nerd.. but great finale! :)

Erica said...

me too!!!! i started screaming when they announced his name!

Claire Castagnera said...

I found you on 20SB - nice to meet you! :)

I love Top Chef, and I sooo wanted Richard to win! I was so happy Mike didn't - he was just so rude and full of himself, wasn't he?



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