Wednesday, March 23, 2011

in exactly 3 months.

...i'll be lounging on the beach in m-i-a-m-i. that's right. boyfriend and i are taking a mini vacay to south beach in june with some friends and staying here. so swanky. i'm super stoked. hopefully i'll run into one of the real houseives of miami! only in my dreams. i've only been to miami twice - once when i was 10 and taking a cruise to the caribbean, so that doesn't even count; and the second time was for work and i was alone, so that doesn't count either.

the countdown is on. i have exactly 3 months to get back in shape. my hip is healing, my neck is healing. all is good. well, sorta. i signed up at boyfriends gym last night and today i can't really move. incredibly sore. but i guess it's a good-kind-of-sore. i'd like to drop another 6-8 lbs before the trip, which i think is reachable especially since boyfriend is on this workout kick. he's already lost 15lbs since January 1st. wtf? how do guys do it? all he had to do was stop having a beer with dinner during the week and snacking and POOF. goodbye 15 lbs. i will never understand the male race. it took me 4 months to drop these stinkin' 11 lbs, but then it only took me 1 month to lose these 4 lbs? it's so inconsistent! maybe i'll save my health tips for another post if you're all interested. happy hump day!

::sigh:: cannot. wait.
are you going anywhere fun this spring/summer?


anna said...

woohoo!!nice place. i can only dream of a vacation being on a financial diet.

Brittany Nicole said...

We wanna meet you guys in Miami! What dates are you going again???

RachelLynn said...

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Erica said...



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