Tuesday, March 8, 2011

new bloggie; new neck.

as you can see i've done some changing around here. for the last few weeks i've been thinking about changing the name of this blog. when i first started writing it was a way for me to keep in touch with dear friends and keep track of my training progress for a 5k race - hence the 3.1 reference in the title. on top of training for my races - so much has happened since then. i love documenting all the little adventures boyfriend and i take together, the meals we cook together and everything else in between. mostly because i have a bad memory and can't remember what we did 3 days ago. it just made sense to incorporate "us'" in the new title.
boyfriend likes to call me chuckles. and this blog is full of all the things we love to do together. so i give you "a pocket full of chuckles."

on another note - i had pancakes for dinner last night. i love having breakfast for dinner. i always feel like a rebel. i actually think it was national pancake day a few days ago too. i'm sad i missed it. so i guess this was me making up for it. yeaaaaaah....that's it. or it's the fact that i still can't eat a lot of solid foods and pancakes are fluffy and soft and amazing.


Anonymous said...

I love pancakes any time of the day! I havent had pancakes in months and those look so good!

rebecca said...

On breakfast for dinner:

Leslie Knope: Why would anyone eat anything else?

Ron Swanson: Because people are idiots.


Remy said...

Pancakessssss.... *drools*

Lauren said...

It's hard to beat brinner


about me. said...

@rebecca - best.quote.ever.

pancakes make everything better!


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