Wednesday, March 16, 2011

tight pants - part duex.

the most amazing thing happened to me last week. i was sitting at home, minding my own business, when i get a phone call from my mom who was shopping across the street. her exact words - "there is a truck here giving away free cupcakes. come quick!" in a matter of seconds i was out the door. i was expecting the truck to be handing out sample size cupcakes, but to my lovely surprise they were full-size gourmet cupcakes! oh sweet heaven! they had about a dozen different flavors to choose from - bailey's irish cream to coconut to apple spice. me and my mom picked up red velvet. boyfriend got bailey's. as i was walking away i heard a young girl ask for 2! i contemplated turning right around and asking for coconut, but i didn't want to look like a fatty. i regreted that decision as soon as i bit into my delectable red velvet. should have went back! but seriously, what's with all these cupcake bakeries popping up? don't get me wrong, i'm lovin it but i already have one across the street from my place and i definitely don't need cupcake trucks parked on every corner too!

the company is called sprinkles cupcakes and just opened a store in georgetown. i thought their strategic placement of the truck was effective. they were placed right smack in between of crumbs, another cupcake bakery, and whole foods on a gorgeous day. i also realized their store in georgetown is up for huge competition with the only other cupcake bakery in its area, the infamous georgetown cupcakes. i mean, they even have their own show on TLC. i have yet to try georgetown cupcakes. everytime i'm in the area the line is wrapped around the building and i hate waiting in lines. maybe i can pretend to be a crazy fan of the show and barge to the front of the line. doubtful - i bet that would get me banished from the property.


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