Thursday, April 28, 2011

looking back.

it sure seems like i've been on some dc obsession kick lately with all these dc posts, but i came across this picture on the left a few weeks ago and i find it so fascinating. this is the capitol building back in 1846. when comparing it to the capitol today it's clear how much it has expanded, but i find it interesting that it seems just as elaborate back then than it is today. now i'm no expert in architecture, especially dc architecture (however i do know that at the time of its construction, the washington monument was once the tallest building in the united states. and is the tallest building in dc today) but don't you think that this was probably one extravagant endeavor back then? i think so.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

weekend stroll.

last weekend boyfriend and i took a leisurely stroll into dc to check out one of the many farmers markets. dc is so perfect in the spring time. the flowers have bloomed, people are riding bikes, eating outside, having picnics, and there is always music blasting in the squares. it's just perfect. it was our first time at the dupont farmers market and we weren't really impressed. it was extremely overpriced and there wasn't a diverse selection of vendors. however, we did stumble upon one tent that was making fresh crab cakes! yum!

it ended up getting pretty hot after we perused the market so we relaxed in dupont circle and even witnessed a group of people swing dancing! you'll never know what you're gonna find when hanging out in dc and i can't wait to have many more of these weekend strolls with boyfriend.

Friday, April 22, 2011

a quickie.

a new dc food truck just opened up. bbq bus. i've heard good things so far and will be hittin' this bad boy up as soon as i get back to dc.

food trucks seem to be popping up everywhere. is this just a dc thing or are other cities out there picking up on this trend too?

well i just wanted to stop in for a quick hello. i'm off to enjoy the rest of my time here in sunny and warm north carolina. i'll even be making a trip to the beach tomorrow. jealous? you should be.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

friday night fiesta.

(turkey taco's topped with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and salsa)

don't you just love taco night? it makes any day better. after last week, we knew friday night called for a stack of these things. i ate way too many taco's. like, way too many. i didn't realize what i was doing until it was too late. so it was just the perfect reason to crawl into the bedroom and throw on some sweatpants and an oversized hoodie, and shnuggle with boyfriend.

well, i'm off bright and early tomorrow to sunny north carolina! if i don't talk to you while i'm gone have a fabulous weekend and i hope it's full of taco's! or of this. because it's still april.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

big news.

i got some news, people! it's reallllllly exciting. so exciting in fact, it'll have you jumping out of your seats.

i signed up for yoga today! woohoo!

i've been meaning to try it for a while now (remember this? please refer to #2) in hopes that it will make me leaner, less stressed and more "centered". i also hope it will help me with my neck/back situation i got goin on. well today i received a livingsocial deal that i just had to check out. $15 for 15 classes. and with most studios around here charging up to $10/class, i knew i couldn't pass this up. even if i end up hating it after 2 or 3 classes, i would have gotten my money's worth. the only bad thing is the studio is on U street. which is on the green line. which is a place you don't necessarily want to be after dark. but on the upside, it's next to ben's chili bowl so if i ever get famished (or frightened) after my little workout, i can go eat the most delicious chili dogs ever.

best. chili. dogs. ever.

i signed up for a beginner's class next weekend when i'm back in town. on their website they have a "Restorative Yin Yoga" class which helps with back pain. i'll definitely have to give that one a try after i get familiar with yoga itself.

have any of you tried yoga? any tips/advice?

Monday, April 18, 2011

lazy. and proud of it.

(crab cake sandwich with caesar salad)

this weekend just flew by and i'm proud to say that i didn't accomplish one thing. last week was very stressful and i was so busy with work that when friday night came, i was looking forward to plopping on the couch and doing nothing. saturday was rainy and gross, so we spent the day watching movies, cooking a delicous shrimp spinach salad and ordering in dinner. i did manage to do a load of laundry, but that was the extent of my accomplishments. well, and besides eating.

it was 70 degrees on sunday so there was no excuse to stay inside. we headed into the city and roamed the farmer's market, witnessed swing dancing in the park, and took naps on a bench. now it's monday but really it's my wednesday because i have a short week. wait, whattttt? i'm taking a mini-vacay to north carolina on thursday to visit my parents and cannot wait!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

april is...

national grilled cheese month! i know. i.have.a.problem (as seen here, here, and here). but honestly, i didn't even know a month like this existed. but boyfriend sent me a link yesterday because he knows me all too well. how are we 2 weeks late on all the fun? one of my favorite DC websites was featuring this article and now i have a long list of local spots to check out. such as the black squirrel and stoney's. i think a trip this sunday to one of these eateries is required. especially since it'll be 70 degrees and sunny...who wouldn't want a hot, cheesy sandwhich paired with a steaming bowl of tomato soup. sounds like my kind of 70-degree-weather-meal!

did any of you know about this being national grilled cheese month? probably not because i'm the only crazy lunatic who is obsessed with grilled cheese. or am i?!?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

where is the weekend?

hi. it's me. i've been super busy the last few days and it's not looking to get any calmer. i hate being a grown up. is it friday yet? i promise to be back soon with more exciting posts. just wanted to creep in and say hi.

but i'll leave you with an image of this cutie patootie while i go get ready for bed.

we call her molly-wolly. or just molly. i get to see her in 8 days! yayayay!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

a little taste of home. and a video.

i'm a jersey girl. and 100% italian. so good and ridiculous amounts of food is how i grew up. it wasn't out of the norm for us to eat dinner at 2pm every sunday (we still do that) or drive 1 hour to my grandma's house to spend a 4 hour sunday dinner with all my cousins, aunts and uncles...just because. i miss those times we shared and wish i had experienced more of them at an older age so i could have appreciated them just a tiny bit more. one of the my favorite dishes my mom cooked growing up was cavatelli and broccoli. she would make a huge pot of it and after 20 minutes we had ourselves dinner (very easy to make). my favorite part about the meal was when after she put a few spoonfulls in my plate, she would tilt the pot, scoop up the garlic juice at the bottom and drizzle it on my plate. mmm mmm goooood. sometimes i get homesick. 3 years ago i moved to dc for a job and it was a very, very difficult time for me. i had a hard time adjusting to this new land they like to call the nation's capital. i was away from all my friends, my family and my boyfriend at the time. i spent many lonely nights crying. it took me a long time to get comfortable here and even though i'm in a VERY happy place now (yay, boyfriend!), i sometimes get homesick. sso the other day i started getting this homesicky feeling and asked my mom to send me her recipe for cavatelli and broccoli. boyfriend and i tried our best to match it - and i gotta say, we got pretty darn close. the broccoli could have been a little mushier and i think we added too much chicken stock. but i still felt an overcoming joy as i took my first bite. i was mentally transported to the dinner table i ate at for 20 years, surrounded by my family. the table we ate together, monday thru friday, 5:30pm on the dot. i was lucky enough to have both parents as teachers who had a pretty set schedule during the week and came home at an early hour. thanks MOM & DAD for this dinner tradition you kept up for all those years. i hope to do the same thing when i'm MUCH older and have kids of my own :) p.s. just to prove to you how much i enjoyed this dish, boyfriend taped me doing my "happy" dance. my "happy" dance is something i do every time i eat something that i find to be super yummy. it doesn't matter where i am, whether it's at home, at a diner, at a 5-star restaurant. if it's good, i dance. and also disregard our bare walls behind me. even though we've lived here for 4 months, we haven't gotten around to decorating the walls. any suggestions on wall art?! oh, and also disregard my shirt. it's from a restaurant people (the boston BEANery -omg, so good). between this post and this one, you must really think i have a dirty mind! p.p.s. this is actually a reinactment of the initial "happy" dance. unfortunately we don't keep the video camera next to us while we're eating dinner or film every second of our lives in order to capture moments like this. so i told boyfriend to go get the camera and redid my dance, just for you all!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

sizzlin' salsa.

this looks gross but it was actually really tasty. we cooked it last night. boyfriend and i call it sauteed shrimp with corn salsa. original, we know. boyfriend begged me not to post this picture because it looks so bad and he doesn't want it to discredit his cooking abilities. i told him this is my blog and i can put anything i want on it. then he told me he's going to start a blog and post naked pictures of me and not blur the face. i rolled my eyes and went back to writing. and he went back to reddit as if the conversation never took place. this is a typical monday night for us. scandalous, right?

Monday, April 4, 2011

a shower and peanut butter balls.

i had a fabulous weekend. on friday night boyfriend surprised me with a bag full of chocolate covered peanut butter balls (get your mind out of the gutter, peeps). but really, he did. balls of peanut butter, covered in milk chocolate. he stopped by the store, mom's apple pie company, all the way out in leesburg. what a sweetie. he wasn't sure what they were when he bought them and when i got them i wasn't so sure either, but i assumed it was something like a cookie. so as i bit into the what-i-thought-was-a-cookie, i was surprisingly shocked to find that it was smooth, delicious, peanut butter!!!! oh so rich and oh so yummy. i want more! good thing i have 2 more...

i woke up EARLY on saturday. and when i say early, i mean 9am. but for me, on a saturday, that's unheard of. i had to wake up early for boyfriend's sister's baby shower! so i woke up, got out of bed, turned the shower on and suddenly thought to myself to check the invite and make sure this thing really did start at 11am. i mean, i didn't want to start getting ready if i had another 2 hours to kill. that's crucial sleep time. so i walked over to the refrigerator, looked at the invite, and saw the following:

We hope you can join us for brunch on

SUNDAY, april 3, 2011

at 11am i walked back to the bathroom, turn the shower off, and hopped back in bed. i'm an idiot. but on SUNDAY, i did wake up and attend the baby shower and it was beautiful and so much fun. we ate delicious quiche, fresh fruit, and scrumptious cupcakes.

Friday, April 1, 2011

baby i was born this way.

this has been the longest week and i'm so excited that the weekend is here. i'm even more excited that i'll be dining here tonight!

HA! april fools. but seriously, how crazy ridiculous is this dining experience? if i wasn't so afraid of heights i would give it a try. wait, who am i kidding...not only is it the fact that i would be dangling 50 meters above in the sky, but i would never, and i mean never want to be strapped in while eating a delicious gourmet meal. i wouldn't be able to unbutton my pants.

any good pranks you pulled today? i want to hear your silly stories. p.s. i've had the new lady gaga song stuck in my head. i don't think my cube mate at work appreciated me singing it all day.

happy friday!


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