Friday, April 1, 2011

baby i was born this way.

this has been the longest week and i'm so excited that the weekend is here. i'm even more excited that i'll be dining here tonight!

HA! april fools. but seriously, how crazy ridiculous is this dining experience? if i wasn't so afraid of heights i would give it a try. wait, who am i kidding...not only is it the fact that i would be dangling 50 meters above in the sky, but i would never, and i mean never want to be strapped in while eating a delicious gourmet meal. i wouldn't be able to unbutton my pants.

any good pranks you pulled today? i want to hear your silly stories. p.s. i've had the new lady gaga song stuck in my head. i don't think my cube mate at work appreciated me singing it all day.

happy friday!


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