Tuesday, April 19, 2011

big news.

i got some news, people! it's reallllllly exciting. so exciting in fact, it'll have you jumping out of your seats.

i signed up for yoga today! woohoo!

i've been meaning to try it for a while now (remember this? please refer to #2) in hopes that it will make me leaner, less stressed and more "centered". i also hope it will help me with my neck/back situation i got goin on. well today i received a livingsocial deal that i just had to check out. $15 for 15 classes. and with most studios around here charging up to $10/class, i knew i couldn't pass this up. even if i end up hating it after 2 or 3 classes, i would have gotten my money's worth. the only bad thing is the studio is on U street. which is on the green line. which is a place you don't necessarily want to be after dark. but on the upside, it's next to ben's chili bowl so if i ever get famished (or frightened) after my little workout, i can go eat the most delicious chili dogs ever.

best. chili. dogs. ever.

i signed up for a beginner's class next weekend when i'm back in town. on their website they have a "Restorative Yin Yoga" class which helps with back pain. i'll definitely have to give that one a try after i get familiar with yoga itself.

have any of you tried yoga? any tips/advice?


The Defunct Curator said...

Yoga is definitely worth it. At one point I was going three times a week. Now that it's been a year or so, I am weary to get back into it, knowing I'll need to start all over. Good luck! It's really fun if you have a good instructor.

Erica said...

Thanks! I'm looking forward to it!


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