Monday, April 18, 2011

lazy. and proud of it.

(crab cake sandwich with caesar salad)

this weekend just flew by and i'm proud to say that i didn't accomplish one thing. last week was very stressful and i was so busy with work that when friday night came, i was looking forward to plopping on the couch and doing nothing. saturday was rainy and gross, so we spent the day watching movies, cooking a delicous shrimp spinach salad and ordering in dinner. i did manage to do a load of laundry, but that was the extent of my accomplishments. well, and besides eating.

it was 70 degrees on sunday so there was no excuse to stay inside. we headed into the city and roamed the farmer's market, witnessed swing dancing in the park, and took naps on a bench. now it's monday but really it's my wednesday because i have a short week. wait, whattttt? i'm taking a mini-vacay to north carolina on thursday to visit my parents and cannot wait!


Rick said...

Can't wait too! We are so looking forward to your visit!

Brittany Nicole said...

Your Sat sounds like it was SUPER relaxing..I love lazy days like that. But Sunday sounds fun too! Have fun this week in NC!!


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