Wednesday, April 27, 2011

weekend stroll.

last weekend boyfriend and i took a leisurely stroll into dc to check out one of the many farmers markets. dc is so perfect in the spring time. the flowers have bloomed, people are riding bikes, eating outside, having picnics, and there is always music blasting in the squares. it's just perfect. it was our first time at the dupont farmers market and we weren't really impressed. it was extremely overpriced and there wasn't a diverse selection of vendors. however, we did stumble upon one tent that was making fresh crab cakes! yum!

it ended up getting pretty hot after we perused the market so we relaxed in dupont circle and even witnessed a group of people swing dancing! you'll never know what you're gonna find when hanging out in dc and i can't wait to have many more of these weekend strolls with boyfriend.


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