Tuesday, May 31, 2011

summer is here.

i'm a genious. i fixed blogger and can now post comments on all my favorite posts! what a great ending to a fabulous weekend and i don't want it to end!

this weekend was amazing. so amazing. it was packed to the rim with all sorts of glorious activities, yet it didn't feel as if we were sticking to a schedule. memorial day is the unofficial start to summer and i just love everything about it. after a very low-key friday night, boyfriend and i woke up super early, grabbed breakfast smoothies at robeks and wandered over to the farmer's market down the street. we've been here a handful of times so far this year, but we had never seen it so crowded! we were on a specific mission though...to find me a bike! there is one tent at the market that sells and works on used bikes so we thought we would check it out. for the last few months i've been itching to start biking and find the perfect hybrid bike to start on.  this tent had a small selection of hybrid bikes, but we found the perfect one and i didn't even have to spend more than $250! boyfriend is sort of an expert on biking so he made sure it was well equipped and durable. after my big purchase we decided to break it in and bike 3 miles to grab lunch at our favorite sandwich shop

i love living where i live. i love knowing that i can now just grab my bike and take a stroll to pick up lunch, roam the city, or even be able to run light errands. i even plan on biking to work once i practice the route a few times. i can't wait for boyfriend and i to spend this summer biking around the city and exploring new areas. i'll have to post more pics and write more about my weekend tomorrow, but all i can say is...what a great start to the summer!

Friday, May 27, 2011

holiday frustration.

so, i've been having a lot of trouble with blogger all week and i'm at my breaking point. i'm so frustrated!  for some reason my followers widget isn't showing up on my homepage, and i never removed it. also, i can't seem to post any comments on my fellow bloggers' posts. everytime i hit "preview" to post my comment it brings me to the blogger login page and asks me to login again? so when i try logging in again it brings me back to the comments box but i still can't post a comment! it just keeps "logging me off" and i've had it up to HERE!

is anyone else having blogger issues?
oh, blogger...we have a love-hate relationship sometimes.

on a more lighter note...i hope you all have a marvelous MDW. i left work early today...at 4pm...is that even early? and boyfriend and i took my parents (and molly!) to a new pizza restaurant down the street called pete's pizza, for dinner. i'm so glad we went early because the weather was gorgeous and we were able to sit outside with molly. not to mention the pizza there is AMAZING! this is now our go-to pizza joint and i'm so glad it's only two blocks away! after dinner we headed back to our apartment for some dessert cupcakes and watched the storm head our way. hopefully it doesn't rain all weekend. we have too much relaxing, family bbq's, trips into dc and a new purchase to do! talk to you next week and hopefully all this blogger nonsense is fixed!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

national arboretum.

if you couldn't guess the other day, last weekend boyfriend and i took a spontaneous drive to the national arboretum. it was a gorgeous saturday afternoon in dc and we didn't want to waste the day inside. neither of us had ever been to the park but we always wanted to go. and i'm so glad we did!

as soon as we got there we took a short walk to the botanical gardens. the place was filled with luscious flowers and greenery and everywhere i turned there was a new gravel path leading to more gardens - i couldn't get enough! the place was also swarming with bees and the bottom right picture is of me trying to avoid some of them :) the one major thing i hate about summer - bees! ugh!

after the gardens we hiked our way up to the columns. what a magnificent sight! i just wanted to lay under the structure and watch the clouds change shape and listen to the trees swaying in the wind. it was such a peaceful setting. we had no idea what the architecture was before heading here, but after reading a summary post next to the structure we found out that these columns were the original columns of the US Capitol building from 1826. when they remodeled the east wing of the building in 1958, they removed the 22 columns to make room for the larger addition. the columns remained in storage until 1984 until they were transfered for display here.

about 10 minutes after we got to the columns an announcement was made and said the park was closing in 30 minutes. it was only 4:30pm! we were surprised that the park only stays open until 5pm, so we quickly strolled back to the parking lot and headed home.

even though we weren't able to spend much time enjoying the natural beauty, i'm definitely looking forward to our next trip back. there are so many more sections of the park that we were not able to visit and i want to be able to see every square inch.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

summer salad.

boyfriend and i made this for dinner last week. it was so delicious, so filling, and was the perfect meal for a hot soon-to-be summer night.

we bought one of those pre-made rotisserie chickens at the grocery store for like $4 bucks that can feed an army. or in our case, feeds two people for one week. we pulled apart the chicken and topped it on top of our bowls of mixed greens, red peppers, cucumbers, and feta crumbles. i'm sure we'll be making many more of these salads this summer. yum yum yum!

sorry for the short post, but it's 8pm and i just got home from work and boyfriend just got home from volleyball so i'm rushing to finish this up. i promised him sushi tonight for being such a manly man and putting together our new dresser the other night. what a guy!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

what's in my bag?

a few weeks ago a male colleague come up to me at work and asked me "what in the world do you carry to work everyday?" i noticed that my bag looked pretty plump, but i thought to myself, "what is he even talking about? i could easily fit 10 more things in here." so that night when i got home i decided to lay everything out and see just how much STUFF i actually carry. and it's no wonder i have a bad back.

  1. my durable longchamp tote (this thing has been with me through thick-and-thin. i just wish it had more side pockets)
  2. coach wallet (perfect little outside id window for my metro card)
  3. valentino eye-glasses (pretty much blind without these)
  4. the help (reading material on my way to and from work - obsessed with this book!)
  5. olay face moisturizer w/spf (for those dry and sunny days)
  6. an "E" bookmark (gift from my momma!)
  7. pen (i would say it's for jotting down impromptu notes, but i don't seem to carry paper. ah well, you always need a pen!)
  8. hair tie and hair clips (for pulling back my hair and bangs on sweaty days)
  9. ipod nano (must.have.music.on.metro)
  10. blistex lip balm (my lip balm obsession. i don't leave home without it)
  11. ray-ban wayfarer sunglasses (my go-to pair)
  12. "hint of mint" lip gloss (the brand is scratched off, but shiny, pink, and perfect for summer)
  13. philosphy lip gloss in "smores" (shimmery and tastes just like smores!)
  14. bare escentuals "bright stars" trio kit (lip gloss, eyeliner, and eyeshadow for touch-ups)
  15. marc jacob's laptop case & work laptop inside (my daily annoyance)
  16. verizon iPhone (for work only)
  17. verizon lg cosmos (my personal phone)
  18. totes umbrella (for those rainy days)
 even though i have a lot of hefty items in here, they all have a purpose and i can't part with any one of them. considering i take public transportation to work, or on nice days i walk the 1.25 miles, i never know what i'm going to need. so it's better to be prepared, right? i'm an over-packer to begin with so that's my philosophy in general. i never know what i'm going to need. so i might as well pack everything...just in case.

are you an over-packer? if so, does your bag look like mine?

Monday, May 23, 2011

nailing wood.

i've been so busy lately that i haven't had time to just sit and take a breather. except for now. well. kinda. i just wanted to pop in and say hello and i hope all your weekends were fabulous. our weekend was jam packed with fun and when i get more time i'll sit down and write about it. but right now i have to go help boyfriend nail some wood together.

i'm talking about furniture, people. specifically, a dresser from ikea. those things can be tricky. i wish i took pictures of what we are replacing, but i'm sure my story gave you a semi-clear image of what our last dresser looked like.

uh, oh. boyfriend is yelling and grunting out of frustration. must go. let me leave you with a little sneak-peak at our weekend fun. any guesses on where we went? i'll give you a hint...it's in DC and has a lot of trees...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

quesadilla party.

last week boyfriend and i had a party. with just us two. we cooked quesadilla's, drank raspberry beer, and watched The Shining. can you believe that was my first time seeing it? i was a sheltered child (just kidding mom & dad!). it was super creepy. i especially didn't like those twin girls who kept popping up everywhere. creepy.

this was our first time making quesadilla's. usually we just make simple fajita's, but this time we decided to get extra fancy and flip over the wrap and grill it. they were amazing. i forgot how much i love quesadilla's. i love the ooey-gooey cheese that spills out of it. soooooo good for you.

(grilled chicken, black beans, onions, red peppers and shredded 4-cheese)

is there a meal that you just love but rarely seem to make?

Monday, May 16, 2011

iphone monday.

blogger had to go all nuts-o on friday and delete thursday's post, then re-posted it, but then managed to mess with all my labels from the past 3 days. i got so frustrated that i didn't want to deal with it any more over the weekend. so now that i have things back to normal around here (i think), i thought i would share a few photos that have been on my iphone for some time now.

these are just a few snapshots from little outings i've taken over the past month.

waiting for dinner with my parents in southport, nc

an actual "boathouse" at southwest waterfront in DC

picking out a colleague's b-day cupcake at Crumbs in arlington

mexican food & frozen margaritas on a hot day

spa weekend.

i had so much fun this past weekend in philly for our spa weekendi drove in late friday night and we all chit-chatted while watching some 'say yes to the dress'. we were all pretty tired from the work week so crashed early. no big deal, because saturday was packed with fun, DIY-spa activities. we started off with mimosas, bagels, and fruit while soaking our feet in little pedicure baths my friend bought us. we had our own manicure kits and painted our nails cute summer colors, put cucumbers on our eyes, and covered our faces in clay masks. we also made these delicious lemon-liquor drinks that we drank throughout the morning...i can't think of the name right now, but they were yummy!

around lunch time, we made prosciutto and pesto sandwiches and ventured out to the actual spa for 1 hour massages. i was a little hesitant about my massage only because i didn't want someone messing with my neck (i'm still a little paranoid), but they were extremely cautious and overall did a wonderful job. afterwards, we walked around and did some light shopping at victoria's secret and anne taylor loft and then headed back home to cook a massive dinner. 
i always love meeting up with my girlfriends even if it is just for a short weekend. it's not always easy these days to find time that works with all of our schedules. so when we do find a weekend that works, we all make the most of it. i sometimes wonder if i'm making the right decision living in DC while they're all still in NJ/PA. i really hate not being able to meet up with them on a whim. that's why i find it so important to keep in touch with friends and loved ones from afar. even though i can't be around all the time, i know that i can give them a call any time i want and it'll feel as though i just saw them yesterday. 

how do you keep in touch with friends from out of town? do you find it hard as you grow older to keep in touch?

spa goodies

DIY pedicures!

champagne drinks

lemon liquor drinks

pesto & prosciutto sandwiches


take me out to the ball game.

boyfriend and i went to a nats game a few weekends ago. although the nats are not good...at.all, we always have a good time at the stadium. the food is great, the stadium is clean and new, and you can't beat super cheap seats with great views! i guess that's what you get for a team that placed last in the NL East division last year......

i grew up playing baseball (yes, baseball) and a little softball here and there, so i love going to games. nothing beats a warm afternoon at the ballpark - eating hot dogs and drinking delicious beer. well, in this case eating chili dogs from our favorite dc spot, ben's chili bowl! yum, yum, yum! i can't wait for more impromtu dates to the ball park so we can take better and more appropriate pictures of ourselves..

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

seared tuna.

(seared tuna in a honey lime glaze with rice and mixed green salad)

Monday, May 9, 2011

north carolina loving.

here are some pictures from my trip home to southport during easter weekend. it was such a wonderful weekend with my parents. they retired there about 5 years ago and i just love sneaking away for a weekend visit. it still amazes me at how different the culture is down there when i compare it to jersey. the biggest difference is the PEOPLE! they are so nice. like freakishly nice. i don't think i'll ever get used to strangers waving at me while i take a jog around my parents block. i guess that's the northener in me.

on friday we attended the spring festival in town where local vendors displayed their crafts, art, and clothing in little tents. i walked away with awesome glass-blown earrings, a glass-blown jewlery bowl, and a new purse.

 we spent all day saturday at the beach and i was able to catch up on some reading and got uncomfortably burnt. gotta love the first beach outing of the season! i watched as people played with their dogs in the water and enjoyed picnics on the sand.

easter sunday was such a delight. neighbors and family friends came over to celebrate the day. the italian in us ate way too much and it was the perfect and delicious way to end my weekend trip.

Friday, May 6, 2011

bloggie anniversary.

one year ago today i started this little bloggie of mine, and although it's still very little, it's every bit of me and the things i love. i started this blog as a way to keep in touch with college friends, as well as using it as a training tool to track my progress for a 5k. throughout the year it's clearly changed a bit and has incorporated all aspects of my life. i love sharing my day-to-day activities with fellow bloggers and i love reading every one of your comments. it brightens my day and means so much to me! i can't wait to see what the next year brings in the blogosphere, and i hope you all stick around for the ride!

well, on a slightly different note, today is friday and i'm so excited to head to philly tonight to visit my besties for a little spa weekend getaway. i get back sunday morning and i'm going straight to yoga! i'm a little nervous because it'll be my first class EVER! but i'm looking forward to trying something new.

happy friday!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

feliz cinco de mayo.

today is cinco de mayo and i'm linking up with cornflake dreams on her let's fiesta blog crawl!

i hope today is filled with many, many margaritas and lots of laughter.  the weather is supposed to be gorgeous here so if i get out of work at a reasonable hour (please, please oh pretty please) i'm hoping to indulge in the following cinco de mayo staples at one of the rooftop bars across the street:

what are you doing to celebrate?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

it's the little things.

this was my saturday morning. how can you go wrong with fresh flowers and a heuvos rancheros breakfast (slightly modified)? all from boyfriend. he cooked while i slept in. how did i get so lucky?

i love weekends like this. nothing to do all day except unwind from the busy week and enjoy the little things. ::sigh:: it's always the little things...

what do you like to do on your weekends? do you like to stay busy and have a day packed with outings? or do you like to leave your days wide open and do nothing?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

are you there spring? it's me, erica.

(homemade chili topped with shredded cheese and homemade cornbread)

i have so much going on right now i need a pause button just so i can chill out and relax for a bit. there are so many things i need to update you all on, such as my easter weekend in north carolina, a day trip to the ballpark, my new training regime, and so many delicious meals!

it's starting to get much warmer in dc and a part of me is loving it (obvi) but also hating it. i feel like we haven't really seen the true meaning of spring yet. winter just decided to skip right over to summer! it's been so humid here lately and my allergies are out.of.control. i can't even wear make-up to work. we were having some chilly days halfway through march which sparked the idea for homemade chili. i love me some chili! boyfriend has a delicious family recipe he uses and we have leftovers for days.

i'm heading off to philly this weekend to visit my besties from highschool. we're having a spa weekend that is sure to include the following:


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