Tuesday, May 3, 2011

are you there spring? it's me, erica.

(homemade chili topped with shredded cheese and homemade cornbread)

i have so much going on right now i need a pause button just so i can chill out and relax for a bit. there are so many things i need to update you all on, such as my easter weekend in north carolina, a day trip to the ballpark, my new training regime, and so many delicious meals!

it's starting to get much warmer in dc and a part of me is loving it (obvi) but also hating it. i feel like we haven't really seen the true meaning of spring yet. winter just decided to skip right over to summer! it's been so humid here lately and my allergies are out.of.control. i can't even wear make-up to work. we were having some chilly days halfway through march which sparked the idea for homemade chili. i love me some chili! boyfriend has a delicious family recipe he uses and we have leftovers for days.

i'm heading off to philly this weekend to visit my besties from highschool. we're having a spa weekend that is sure to include the following:


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