Friday, May 27, 2011

holiday frustration.

so, i've been having a lot of trouble with blogger all week and i'm at my breaking point. i'm so frustrated!  for some reason my followers widget isn't showing up on my homepage, and i never removed it. also, i can't seem to post any comments on my fellow bloggers' posts. everytime i hit "preview" to post my comment it brings me to the blogger login page and asks me to login again? so when i try logging in again it brings me back to the comments box but i still can't post a comment! it just keeps "logging me off" and i've had it up to HERE!

is anyone else having blogger issues?
oh, blogger...we have a love-hate relationship sometimes.

on a more lighter note...i hope you all have a marvelous MDW. i left work early that even early? and boyfriend and i took my parents (and molly!) to a new pizza restaurant down the street called pete's pizza, for dinner. i'm so glad we went early because the weather was gorgeous and we were able to sit outside with molly. not to mention the pizza there is AMAZING! this is now our go-to pizza joint and i'm so glad it's only two blocks away! after dinner we headed back to our apartment for some dessert cupcakes and watched the storm head our way. hopefully it doesn't rain all weekend. we have too much relaxing, family bbq's, trips into dc and a new purchase to do! talk to you next week and hopefully all this blogger nonsense is fixed!


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