Monday, May 16, 2011

iphone monday.

blogger had to go all nuts-o on friday and delete thursday's post, then re-posted it, but then managed to mess with all my labels from the past 3 days. i got so frustrated that i didn't want to deal with it any more over the weekend. so now that i have things back to normal around here (i think), i thought i would share a few photos that have been on my iphone for some time now.

these are just a few snapshots from little outings i've taken over the past month.

waiting for dinner with my parents in southport, nc

an actual "boathouse" at southwest waterfront in DC

picking out a colleague's b-day cupcake at Crumbs in arlington

mexican food & frozen margaritas on a hot day


Anonymous said...

The first two photos looks great. :)

Ashley said...

Ok - so I have to ask is Crumbs your favorite DC cupcake spot? That is a place I haven't tried yet. I personally love Sprinkles and Baked & Wired in Georgetown. :)


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