Monday, May 23, 2011

nailing wood.

i've been so busy lately that i haven't had time to just sit and take a breather. except for now. well. kinda. i just wanted to pop in and say hello and i hope all your weekends were fabulous. our weekend was jam packed with fun and when i get more time i'll sit down and write about it. but right now i have to go help boyfriend nail some wood together.

i'm talking about furniture, people. specifically, a dresser from ikea. those things can be tricky. i wish i took pictures of what we are replacing, but i'm sure my story gave you a semi-clear image of what our last dresser looked like.

uh, oh. boyfriend is yelling and grunting out of frustration. must go. let me leave you with a little sneak-peak at our weekend fun. any guesses on where we went? i'll give you a's in DC and has a lot of trees...

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