Thursday, May 26, 2011

national arboretum.

if you couldn't guess the other day, last weekend boyfriend and i took a spontaneous drive to the national arboretum. it was a gorgeous saturday afternoon in dc and we didn't want to waste the day inside. neither of us had ever been to the park but we always wanted to go. and i'm so glad we did!

as soon as we got there we took a short walk to the botanical gardens. the place was filled with luscious flowers and greenery and everywhere i turned there was a new gravel path leading to more gardens - i couldn't get enough! the place was also swarming with bees and the bottom right picture is of me trying to avoid some of them :) the one major thing i hate about summer - bees! ugh!

after the gardens we hiked our way up to the columns. what a magnificent sight! i just wanted to lay under the structure and watch the clouds change shape and listen to the trees swaying in the wind. it was such a peaceful setting. we had no idea what the architecture was before heading here, but after reading a summary post next to the structure we found out that these columns were the original columns of the US Capitol building from 1826. when they remodeled the east wing of the building in 1958, they removed the 22 columns to make room for the larger addition. the columns remained in storage until 1984 until they were transfered for display here.

about 10 minutes after we got to the columns an announcement was made and said the park was closing in 30 minutes. it was only 4:30pm! we were surprised that the park only stays open until 5pm, so we quickly strolled back to the parking lot and headed home.

even though we weren't able to spend much time enjoying the natural beauty, i'm definitely looking forward to our next trip back. there are so many more sections of the park that we were not able to visit and i want to be able to see every square inch.

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