Monday, May 9, 2011

north carolina loving.

here are some pictures from my trip home to southport during easter weekend. it was such a wonderful weekend with my parents. they retired there about 5 years ago and i just love sneaking away for a weekend visit. it still amazes me at how different the culture is down there when i compare it to jersey. the biggest difference is the PEOPLE! they are so nice. like freakishly nice. i don't think i'll ever get used to strangers waving at me while i take a jog around my parents block. i guess that's the northener in me.

on friday we attended the spring festival in town where local vendors displayed their crafts, art, and clothing in little tents. i walked away with awesome glass-blown earrings, a glass-blown jewlery bowl, and a new purse.

 we spent all day saturday at the beach and i was able to catch up on some reading and got uncomfortably burnt. gotta love the first beach outing of the season! i watched as people played with their dogs in the water and enjoyed picnics on the sand.

easter sunday was such a delight. neighbors and family friends came over to celebrate the day. the italian in us ate way too much and it was the perfect and delicious way to end my weekend trip.


Susan said...

We love,love when you come to visit. Wish it was more often. Love you!

Laura said...

Looks like a fun weekend! I am jealous of your beach time, but NOT for that sunburn! I hope it heals quickly. Visiting from 20sb, travel junkie group.

Crissy said...

I miss the south so much! Ah, the beach. That's so nice your parents live down there and you can get away sometimes!

katie said...

God I love those kind of craft/street fairs. (LOVE) You just don't get those kind of deals up here. I'm from New Jersey too! Totally get what you mean as well. For awhile, I lived in Ohio, and the people in Ohio were nice like you described. Currently, I'm in Hawaii, and THAT'S a whole other world. I was in the store today, and an employee just walks up to me and says: "Do you need help in finding anything?" When I asked him where the produce isle was, he goes: "What are you looking for? I'll get it for you!" I almost fell over.


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