Monday, May 16, 2011

spa weekend.

i had so much fun this past weekend in philly for our spa weekendi drove in late friday night and we all chit-chatted while watching some 'say yes to the dress'. we were all pretty tired from the work week so crashed early. no big deal, because saturday was packed with fun, DIY-spa activities. we started off with mimosas, bagels, and fruit while soaking our feet in little pedicure baths my friend bought us. we had our own manicure kits and painted our nails cute summer colors, put cucumbers on our eyes, and covered our faces in clay masks. we also made these delicious lemon-liquor drinks that we drank throughout the morning...i can't think of the name right now, but they were yummy!

around lunch time, we made prosciutto and pesto sandwiches and ventured out to the actual spa for 1 hour massages. i was a little hesitant about my massage only because i didn't want someone messing with my neck (i'm still a little paranoid), but they were extremely cautious and overall did a wonderful job. afterwards, we walked around and did some light shopping at victoria's secret and anne taylor loft and then headed back home to cook a massive dinner. 
i always love meeting up with my girlfriends even if it is just for a short weekend. it's not always easy these days to find time that works with all of our schedules. so when we do find a weekend that works, we all make the most of it. i sometimes wonder if i'm making the right decision living in DC while they're all still in NJ/PA. i really hate not being able to meet up with them on a whim. that's why i find it so important to keep in touch with friends and loved ones from afar. even though i can't be around all the time, i know that i can give them a call any time i want and it'll feel as though i just saw them yesterday. 

how do you keep in touch with friends from out of town? do you find it hard as you grow older to keep in touch?

spa goodies

DIY pedicures!

champagne drinks

lemon liquor drinks

pesto & prosciutto sandwiches


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katie said...

oh. my. god. Can I be your friend? I don't think my friends and I would even be able to think of doing this. It's an idea to try though! Glad you had fun! :)


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