Tuesday, May 31, 2011

summer is here.

i'm a genious. i fixed blogger and can now post comments on all my favorite posts! what a great ending to a fabulous weekend and i don't want it to end!

this weekend was amazing. so amazing. it was packed to the rim with all sorts of glorious activities, yet it didn't feel as if we were sticking to a schedule. memorial day is the unofficial start to summer and i just love everything about it. after a very low-key friday night, boyfriend and i woke up super early, grabbed breakfast smoothies at robeks and wandered over to the farmer's market down the street. we've been here a handful of times so far this year, but we had never seen it so crowded! we were on a specific mission though...to find me a bike! there is one tent at the market that sells and works on used bikes so we thought we would check it out. for the last few months i've been itching to start biking and find the perfect hybrid bike to start on.  this tent had a small selection of hybrid bikes, but we found the perfect one and i didn't even have to spend more than $250! boyfriend is sort of an expert on biking so he made sure it was well equipped and durable. after my big purchase we decided to break it in and bike 3 miles to grab lunch at our favorite sandwich shop

i love living where i live. i love knowing that i can now just grab my bike and take a stroll to pick up lunch, roam the city, or even be able to run light errands. i even plan on biking to work once i practice the route a few times. i can't wait for boyfriend and i to spend this summer biking around the city and exploring new areas. i'll have to post more pics and write more about my weekend tomorrow, but all i can say is...what a great start to the summer!


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