Monday, June 13, 2011

bed, please.

welp, friends. i'm back. and i had a marvelous weekend in west virginia celebrating my friend's wedding. friday was a super long day. i spent half the day at work volunteering at The Closet with 50 other of my colleagues. i work at one of the "big four" consulting firms and each year they dedicate one day where the entire organization volunteers on projects. this year we had over 35,000 people scattered around India and the United States assisting clubs, schools, small businsses, and so many more organizations. i had so much fun helping The Closet and it was great to witness all the good they do in the area.

boyfriend came to pick me up around 2pm and once we picked up two of our friends we were on the road! it was such a long and boring drive. i was so exhausted from working in the heat all morning, and it didn't help that i was squished in the back seat. once we arrived at the hotel we grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed back to our room to drink- just like the good ol' days. the next morning we attended the wedding and it was a beautiful ceremony. the bride looked stunning and it was so nice to catch up with all my old friends from college - especially since we all live in different states.

here's a quick sneak peak from the wedding. i'll post more pics later in the week but right now i have to get ready for bed. it's 8:30. yup. i'm a party animal.

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