Thursday, June 30, 2011

beware: this post will make you hungry.

 i took way too many pictures on our fabulous trip to miami. and about 75% of them were of food.

what can i say? i like to eat.

so i thought i would first brag about all the delicious meals and restaurants we got to try while we were down there. we sure took advantage of our vacation time. and made sure we were well-fed at all hours of the night :)
i'll write another post on all the other things we did - apart from the feasting.

please disregard the crappy quality of the pictures. i had to take my ancient camera with me that i had back in college because i didn't want to ruin my nice one while frolicking in the sand and raging at all hours in the night.

fish tacos in key largo!

grabbing sandwiches and smoothies at la sandwicherie!
all the outdoor restaurants had fans with misters! so refreshing
peppers at sushi samba
& a little afternoon pick-me-up of liquor coffee
THE best tacos at T-Mex Tacos. i'm still having dreams about these things.

homemade rigatoni and shrimp at TiramesU

2 for 1 sweet tea vodka drinks! yes, i had 2 of these...

homemade spaghetti with clams at TiramesU


Fabiana said...

I tall looks divine and yummy! What a fun time!

ciao from Newport Beach

Woody said...

I read the title of this one and was skeptical, but you were right; I am now really hungry, even though I just ate! I am jealous of your peppers and spaghetti with clams.

Remy said...

I just had dinner and I'm still drooling over here.

Earl-Leigh said...

I need the fish tacos and sweet tea vodka drinks, pronto! Yum.

Faith said...

I love food pictures! Food is a giant part of travel--I think everyone's travel shots should include pictures of what they ate, haha.

Charis said...

OMG the rigatoni looks amazing!


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